Kids Go Free With MSC!

I am looking forward to a nice quiet couple of days off after a very busy weekend in the office!  We have had a lot of calls looking for that ‘elusive’ late deal.  We also had call after call about MSC Cruises.  Why the sudden rise in MSC Cruises I wondered?

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The end of an amazing fortnight!

I am back in the office now after having a week off to move house!  The move went well, thanks for all the lovely emails that I received.  We are now all settled in and almost unpacked.  We are in a much bigger house now and it is great having so much space.

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Boxed up!

I am pleased to advise that I am now a professional packer!  We have been packing like crazy for the last couple of days to get ready to move house.  We get our new keys on Tuesday and we really have left things to the last minute.  Anyway, we are ready to go now due to my newly acquired packing skills!  We have managed to get everything into boxes, all neatly piled in our dining room.  Everything should go off without a hitch…  Fingers crossed!

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Movin’ on up!

I have just had a manic weekend, as always in my life!  I started Saturday morning with the Next sale.  People think I am crazy but when you have three kids, you need to get in early to get the bargains!  My Mum and I left the house at 4.45 and were one of the first into the shop.  My usual plan of action is collect all the kids clothes then queue in the home section, this gives me time to browse and pick up things en route.  This time however, I tried something different.  I went straight for home and grabbed all that I needed.  As I was so quick, there was no queue.  I then paid for this, ran to my Mums car to drop everything, then came back to tackle the clothes!  Job done, and all finished by 6am for a Costa coffee before home to work!

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I’m new…!

I’m busy preparing exciting blogs for you to read so please be patient with me 🙂