Do I Don’t I Book Celebrity Eclipse? A Must Read Review!

4 Weeks ago I was lucky enough to sail (with colleagues) aboard Celebrity Eclipse.
I was impressed by much of what saw, tried, tasted and witnessed. Few teething problems with the Beverage package, in fact my advice, upgrade to the premium package prior to sailing as the “basic package” did not include “basic” things like Sparkling Water, many soft drinks, coffee or tea. Once that was resolved we did not have any complaints.
So was I biased? We were given Aqua Class cabins, (bit like club or concierge) Therefore I have been looking with interest at reviews of passengers who have recently sailed and who have no “axe to grind”

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15 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Lucky On A Cruise Ship

So you never win a thing, never won the lottery, nor a raffle, what if I was able to help you move Lady Luck along a bit?……..

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If you’re on the cruise holiday of a lifetime – or at least of this year – then you’re already pretty lucky, right? Still, there are always ways to make your dream cruise even more special, are there not?

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The Big 5……That’s P&O’s 5 not A Game Reserve in Africa…..

Culinary Cruising Dreams Come True: P&O Food Heroes To The Rescue

Food is one of the biggest reasons why guests come back time and time again to cruising. Its not enough to have good restaurants, or even “fine dining”; cruise lines are perpetually upgrading and thinking of new ways to encourage new and repeat guests to try their restaurants.

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Exquisite Coffees, Pastries and “Silent Disco”? My Experience on Eclipse

If you have yet to travel on Celebrity Eclipse or indeed if you are about to this is a must read…

My Roomie and I arrived for work on Friday 19th May, but this was no ordinary day in the office. We were boarding Celebrity Eclipse for a taster cruise… Oh yes there are one or two benefits working as a Travel Agent. We were departing from Southampton, and Dockside in she sun she looked impressive, unlike some of the super liners which bear a striking resemblance to a Cheese Grater.

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As I am Not A Fan Of Buffets, I did A Bit of Research…

Tips For Really Getting Your Money’s Worth Out Of A Cruise Ship Buffet

I have to admit I am not a lover of buffets, I hate queuing for food, I dont like repetition and I generally find the whole endless supply of food a little intimidating.
Working in the cruise industry I am lucky enough to go on regular cruises either for work or pleasure, so I need to get my head around the whole Buffet thing, therefore it is with some interest I read these brilliant tips.
I am heading out on Celebrity Eclipse on Friday (work you know) and will try some of these top tips

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Possibly The Most Evocative Place on Planet Earth

When asked to think of Paradise, what do you imagine? Is it white sandy beaches, impossibly turquoise blue waters, or no newspapers and just barefoot luxury, or are you imagining yourself with a loved one watching a stunning red sunset. Bora Bora has all of the above and so much more and is a reasonable explanation why the little group of islands on the other side of the world are some of the most requested destinations for Honeymooners, scuba divers, romantics and the naturally curious alike. Its not difficult to see why, A heady mix of beauty, jaw dropping beaches, glorious weather (even when raining…) and the iconic Water Bungalows on stilts, these visuals conjure up some of our most deep rooted desires. (Well they do for me and many of my clients) So what is it about these tiny little islands on the other side of the World?

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You May Not Believe in Voodoo, You May not Even Like Jazz, But This City Has Incredible “Pulling Power!

Voodoo, Gambling And A Touch Of Jazz – A Guide To The Strange Streets Of New Orleans
17 Apr, 2017
Voodoo, Gambling And A Touch Of Jazz – A Guide To The Strange Streets Of New Orleans
New Orleans is known for being a melting pot of culture and the home town of jazz. With its trendy bars, spooky corners and thriving cultural hub it has long been a popular spot for travellers keen to see more of America than its famous sky scrapers.

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I am a Single Passenger, not a lone Wolf, where do I start?

Many times a day I have requests from “would be passengers” for Single Cabins and Single holidays, more and more people wish to travel this beautiful planet and not necessarily with their family or other half either by choice or by circumstance. But many complaints are about the single passenger supplement and the concern they will feel a singleton in a a couple or family world. But this is not the case at all, in fact many cruise lines have woken up to the fact a large percentage of their passengers are indeed single and are active, this customer base are encouraged and made to feel as part of the cruise line family. Granted they still have a long way to go in regards to the single pricing, but have a look at some of these suggestions, my top 10 tips..

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This Little Fishing Village Has Seriously Come of Age

Many many moons ago I lived in Dubai with my father and his second family. It was 1977 and you could only get around in a jeep; although there was a Golf Course it was on Desert and Dad would carry around this little bit of turf to “tee off” Everything was shared with the camels and the Bedouins..My father was there for the building of the World Trade Centre (he never left) If I said a lot had changed to this small understated Emirate then that is like saying, “an Atomic blast is somewhat Noisy” I have a love of this “over the top” hugely extravagant, very bling, Up Market Vegas and here are some of the reasons why.

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Is MSC’s newest Lady Too Bling to Be Cool?

MSC Meraviglia, MSC’s newest wonder is bursting with Swarovski crystals, LED atmospherics, ice cold waterfalls and in short will make you double take and jaws drop on every deck, she probably is’nt cool and she probably is a bit bling, but personally I cant wait to do a ship visit, I have visited several of her sisters and they offer a level of flamboyance not seen in many other cruise lines, love MSC or hate them you certainly cant ignore them….

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