You Are About To Book Your 1st Cruise……HELP?

help what do I do now

The team think going on your first cruise should be the most exciting thing you’ve ever done. Getting married? Pfft. Birth of your first child? Please. You’ve just booked your first cruise!

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Killer of A Job…….Social Media Savvy, Know anyone with Instagram Following?


Do you have anyone in your circle who is aut fait with Instagram or has has a large Twitter following. If so then read on….its not often a job likes this comes onto the horizon….brings to mind when I was a child and asked what I wanted to do when I grew up? the answer I gave was..I wanted to be the “Taster” at my local Smiths Crisps factory… Whilst this intern will have a few more challenges than the “Crisp Taster” it is still one of those jobs you can only dream of.

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And Another One Bites The Dust

Young travel man lending a helping hand in outdoor mountain scenery.

Cruise Lines Forced To Step In As Guests Recover From Holiday Firm Going Bust

So what do you do if you find yourself on holiday or “At Sea” when your Tour Operator “goes bust”

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What Does 2017 Have In Store for You?

There are a lot of exciting things happening in the cruise world in 2017. From brand new ships and brand new cruising locations to even more sailings from the UK, 2017 is set to be a bumper year for cruises.

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Does Having Southampton as our Main UK Port influence your booking a Cruise


So what do the good people of Northern England and Scotland do when wanting to cruise to places other than British Isles, they “usually” fly or drive south to Southampton, its long been a bit of an issue that Southampton is where most of the Main Cruise Lines are based and only very occasionally do they set sail from Liverpool, Scotland or Avonmouth. So I read with some interest the latest Cruise and Maritime news whereby Cardiff is to be added to their list of ports. As a Cruise company they are innovative and long sighted. This is likely to be the first of many who will realise (not before time) they are missing a huge chunk of the UK market as they prefer to fly to ports further afield instead of the 8 hour journey driving south for the Winter…(or Summer)

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What is a Luxury Cruise? And What does it Mean To You?

silverseas image

Whilst not everyone can or wish to afford cruise lines like: Silverseas, Regent, Seabourne, Crystal Cruises, there are many of you that do. So this blog is for you!

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A Guide to Gratuities and how to avoid “The British Problem”


As a race us Brits are not very good at tipping, if we give “too much” we feel like we have been ripped off (which is madness), if we give too little, we feel a bit mean and try and justify with all sorts of reasons and our other half gives us “the chat”, we can often spend hours considering amounts and to whom we feel is a deserving cause. Other nations (like the Americans) to not suffer this “British problem”

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This is a “shout Out” to all you Walking Dead, Walkers stalkers, zombie lovers, I am sure you dont need reminding series 7 of the “Walking Dead” has just returned to our screens via Netflix. Whilst it is very horrific.. and special effects brilliant, nothing could prepare you for meeting them “face to face” So how about actually meeting them? seriously, all those characters you love, and those you love to hate are available for you to meet and greet…fear, suspense around every corner and memories that will forever last (in a really good way)

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How will the “Falling Pound” affect the cost of your cruise?

Winners and Losers

We have all seen “Marmite” Gate this week and that’s just everyday shopping.
So what are the financial pundits saying and what are the Cruise Companies forcasting?
As you would expect the cruise companies are saying “Book Now for goodness sake and do it soon” But I wanted to find out if the scaremongering is fact or fiction.

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Bonkers things to do on a Cruise

Bored Anyone ?

Cruising often has the preconception of “a bit boring” “only really popular with the elderly”, or even “expensive”…….Well let me dispel some of these myths right here right now. The ships these days can offer a myriad of exciting things for both adult and child alike, usually included in the cost.

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