Lonton - Answered a Question by swift (24 May 08 12:51)

Sympathise with your admirably independant streak, but I woudl guess that most lines instist on a carer, not because you need one day to day, but in case of emergency evacuation - their rules/insurers/whatever probably insist on it. This may explain their stance.

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O'Hanlon, - Answered a Question by swift (24 May 08 08:26)

Dear Messers Swift, Your query concerning concerning "carers" raises logistical issues. I cruised the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii recently on the Diamond Princess (Princess Cruises. There were many wheelchair users on the cruise and all had carers. I was enormously impressed by the help, kindness, and curtesy of the ships officers and crew toward wheelchair users and carers. But I have to say that a ship being a ship and the sea being the sea, carers are necessary. Ships have to have strong and safe doors; gangways must be secure; access to theatre seats must be convenient. Indeed, there is a host of occasions where a carers is essential. I wonder if this is your first cruise and whether you have considered the limitations of access that of necessity occurs by the very contraints of safe sea travel. I hope you both have an enjoyable experience. Joseph.

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hastings - Answered a Question by swift (24 May 08 09:50)

I am in exactly the same boat(pardon the pun)but have the same problem. although i usually go with my sister or friend i too am independant. it is really wrong. do they say those who get inebriated must get some-one to take them to their cabin? no; i think its discrimination. although i can see it from the cruise lines side, people with two legs also find it difficult when the sea is rough. as with all things, you know your own limitations.

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Leyser - Answered a Question by swift (24 May 08 14:32)

You need to challenge these companies as I honestly believe they are breaking the law - intially ask for their reasons and challenge that you only have a wheelchair and while using your wheelchair you do not leave your brain behind. Also you could ask why the companies you do use why they do not discriminate that would give you an edge to your challenge to other companies If this is unsuccessful I think asking your MP to investigate their reasons behind such foolish policies will expose and stop such discrimination. Good Luck. Debbie Leyser.

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Kelly - Answered a Question by swift (25 May 08 16:29)

Since loss of my leg I have been a wheelchair user, OK I can walk on the false one for short distances but normally in the wheelchair. On a cruise without my partner how would I manage up and down the steps from the ship to dock, etc. What would happen if there was a problem with the ship, how would I manage if I was not well, the list could go on. If you use a wheelchair you need a carer as you cannot rely on the goodwill of the crew all the time. Sorry I am not more supportive but being a wheelchair myself, having done a few cruises I would say however independent you are you need assistance. Bo.

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Godfrey - Answered a Question by swift (25 May 08 23:05)

Interesting post! agree! a carer NHS.

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Davies - Answered a Question by swift (26 May 08 07:58)

We have cruised on 5 occasions and not once needed any assistance. We choose our ships within the two cruise lines that will allow us to travel very carefully (Berlitz guide). We read the ratings and chart that tells us about the accessibility. In an emergency situation (god forbid) with the best will in the world if a carer needs to get a wheelchair user to the muster station from a different floor with lifts out of action it's not going to happen. When are people going to wake up and stop putting disabled people into a bracket that they shouldnt have a life and travel. Cruising is the best option for wheelchair users. I thank people for the positive comments. I would like to a wider choice of cruises and will continue to cruise.

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