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clark - Answered a Question by Alden (24 Oct 08 22:11)

Hope weather is good on the two weks in April.We have booked this cruise already,after doing both he Med cruise and the Greek island cruises in the last two years.We love the ship, good food and nice people,along with clean tidy rooms, and a good entertainment programe,so we got fingers crossed will be same on this transatlantic sailing.

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Johnstone - Answered a Question by Alden (24 Oct 08 11:08)

I can't comment on the ships facilities on Ocean village but I've done 2 TA sailings. One from Italy to Fort Lauderdale in December and the crossing itself was like a millpond. the other was end Mar/beg April this year fromFt lauderdale to Dover. the only bit of the cruise we got excellent conditions was in the Bay of Biscay and English Channel. the Caribbean was fairly rough most of the time and we had a few rough days on the crossing. However that does not mean that it will always be rough in April. there is just no way of predicting what you are going to get. personally i love the long repositioning cruises as they are more relaxing than the shorter port intensive cruises. Despite having only about 3 or 4 very good sea days on my last one, I still had a great time and only felt sea sick on one day which only lasted a few hours. It was just a bit of a challenge walking around sometimes 9especially when I was vain/stupid enough to be wearing high heels). That said I've also experienced diabolical weather in june in the Med. You pays your money, you takes your chance. hope if you do decide to go, it's plain sailing all the way.

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Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by Alden (24 Oct 08 14:11)

As a large proportion of your cruise is below the Tropic of Cancer you should experience good weather for most of the trip and may be all of it. April in Madeira can be rainy and indeed you could experience rain in the Med as well although nothing can be certain. Pretty fine weather all the way and hot up until day 9/10 almost certainly. Just to hedge my bets nothing is absolutely guaranteed.... Neil.

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Macro - Answered a Question by Alden (25 Oct 08 02:24)

I am going on thursday on the transatlantic. I am told that there will be plenty of entertainment as usual. Some entertainers will get on at crete and get off at Madeira with others replacing them in madeira en route for barbados. In april this year I came back from the caribbean to southampton and the trip was lovely. Smooth sailing and hot till 2 days away from England ! Enjoy your trip. Look out for my review.

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Freeborrn - Answered a Question by Alden (25 Oct 08 09:35)

We did transatlantic in April 2008 aboard Celebrity's Summit, from San Juan. It was quite rough until we reached the Azores, so much so that I was rather seasick for 5 days, as were a lot of other passengers. This was despite my using the patch behind the ear, pressure bands AND the free Dramamine dished out at reception! It was wryly amusing to see members of the show company wearing their pressure bands during the shows, too. I'm not normally seasick on cruises (though I have been on rough channel crossings on ferries), and as so many fellow passengers suffered, it showed how rough the Atlantic can get at that time of year. It didn't spoil what for me was the best cruise I've ever done, however, though it did cut down how much I ate and drank - not a bad thing, when you come to think of it! My advice - take plenty of seasickness remedies with you, just in case. Throw yourself into the activities on board on the days at sea - and have a fantastic crossing.

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Neil & Ida Down - replied to Freeborrn (25 Oct 08 15:28)

This is basically the problem, the further north you are in the Atlantic the more chance there is of rough weather and the route taken by Summit went north to the Azores. Their route is much further south and therefore in calmer, warmer waters. I would add that last April was very bad for weather and many ships suffered as they came across, There was even snow in Southern England and Paris in April last spring.Regards .... Neil.

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alarcon - replied to Freeborrn (12 Feb 09 04:57)

What would be a good route to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a sailing ship and why?

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Fraser - Answered a Question by Alden (25 Oct 08 17:26)

Sailed the pond twice back from the Caribbean first on the old Sundream in 2002 and last spring on the Sea Princess. Weather lovely till you get past mid Atlantic when it starts to cool off a bit. Bit rough weather round Madeira to Lisbon on the first but no problem on the second when we sailed via the Azores Crossed the Bay of Biscay 6 times and was like a millpond every time (well depends on the size of the ship) Depends if you are a good sailor when contemplating TA crossings. days chilling out after a busy cruise are among the best.

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Kent - Answered a Question by Alden (26 Oct 08 15:29)

I've done transatlantic cruises 7 times on Costa, Holland America and Royal Caribbean and loved every one. I've been in spring every time, travelling from the Caribean to Europe via the Azores or Canaries. I've had very good weather each time except one occasion when it was quite rough around Bermuda foe 2 days but the traansatlantic part was as calm as a millpond. I'd certainly go again as the prices are fanrastic and I love the sea days as the entertainment is always excellent. I would strongly urge you to change your mind about going on Ocean Village as it is the only ship I would never sail on again. I have been on 32 cruises from Airtours to Celebrity and enjoyed everyone. Ocean Village was the only ship I really disliked from start to finish. Food, service and entertainment were the worst I've ever experienced and I would not go again if they paid me. Please think again.

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Macro - Answered a Question by Alden (14 Nov 08 02:03)

Just come back from the Crete to Barbados crossing on OV1. The weather in the MED was pretty bad so we didnt make port in Alicante. (therefore could not pick up stores for the crossing either !) There was a swell in the Atlantic as there was bad weather all over northern europe down to Spain with high winds and rain. Mosly though it was OK. those that suffered were mainly on lower decks at the front of the ship. One would expect the higher decks would be worse but in this instance it was the lower. One day we had the decks closed as the wind was too strong for safety. Great trip though and I will review in next couple of days but there was lots to do and they even had an Ocean Village Fete with all the usual 'fete' type stalls. It was opened by the Captain and a blast on the ships hooter. Loved the trip - you will too I am sure.

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