Thorne - Answered a Question by Thorne (13 May 08 10:05)

Thanks Wilba, nice to know I'm not the only one that doesn't agree with auto tipping. I went on QM2 last year and although all staff were great I still prefer to tip those I choose, and maybe staff would appreciate this too. Having worked in the service industry myself I know it can be tough if you work your socks off trying to please and your colleague is maybe less helpful, and then you share your tips! By the way I never meant to start a riot and had no idea that this site was such a little community! I guess you live and learn. Some people must have a lot of time to devote to this. I loved your comments about the tin hats etc. and agree Americans can be aggressive about tipping; Cunard is owned by Carnival an American company so there we have it I think. Best wishes for a relaxing holiday.

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Neil and Ida Down - Answered a Question by Thorne (09 May 08 14:14)

You really are opening up a can of worms here…. I know that you will have your supporters, in fact I can name most of them, BUT I state this once more; You will not change the system by refusing to pay tips or by paying just a few, all you will do is penalise those who have little or no redress. There are other ways to change the system if you are so adamant that it is wrong and those are to write to the cruise lines, or “Watchdog” or similar programmes or not go cruising. My contention is that it is not the fact that people object to the system but see it as a chance to be penny-pinching and save themselves money by saying they have a legitimate reason for not paying. If you do not pay this way then you will have to pay by other ways and in all probability those who do pay are subsidizing those who excuse themselves so financially we would gain. So don’t give me this “I won’t be told what and who to pay” because if the system were to change the cost of a cruise would go up. Stop being stingy and react against those in a position to change things. Yours with feeling ….. Nei.

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scales - Answered a Question by Thorne (09 May 08 16:47)

Someone will no doubt amswer you question specifically about the QV, & maybe give a robust defence of auto-tipping, but every ship we have been on that does auto-tipping gives you the right to opt-out, by going to the guest relations desk/purser's desk & say that you want to have it removed from your account.

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middleton - Answered a Question by Thorne (09 May 08 17:17)

Just go to the pursers office on boarding/next day and sign a gratuities form warning it is a long Que but they are open 24/.

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Matt - Answered a Question by Thorne (10 May 08 02:03)

This one's for you Nei.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by Thorne (10 May 08 15:33)

Sorry Neil but you must have American blood in your veins as this is the kind of words that are constantly written by our companions across the pond. As for ‘You will have your supporters’, yes it’s the majority of British Cruisers!! I leave a tip but I am not prepared to fill wage packets, a couple of dollars off the shareholders rich pickings could do that. I myself have never left a cruise ship without tipping, but in every cruise I remove the Autotip as a matter of principle & will continue to do so till my last cruise. As for your suggestion of writing letters to the Cruise Companies, they’d be in the shredder before they hit the filing cabine.

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Thorne - Answered a Question by Thorne (10 May 08 16:57)

Cheers Neil I only asked a simple question , didn't expect a lecture or insulting comments. So keep your 'feelings' to yourself! Thank you for the other replies I had, far more constructive.

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Neil and Ida Down - Answered a Question by Thorne (10 May 08 21:56)

Well "Thorn of Stroud" you are obviously new to this site and to cruising and if I knew that you bruised so easily do you suppose I might have taken it in a less casual way? No as most of the others know that is not my style. You ask a question because you want knowledge and that is just what I have given you so don't be so negative and disparaging and learn from your position of ineptitude ... Nei.

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Neil and Ida Down - Answered a Question by Thorne (10 May 08 22:47)

To Wilba. I have enjoyed your knowledge in your answers to so many questions but I fail to see the logic you apply to tipping. If you believe that the shareholders will be docked dividends because you don't pay tips you are sadly mistaken. You know I don't mince my words and as I have said I recognise you as a gifted writer to this site so please suggest another way to change the system because I fail to see how penalising the staff will do anything. By the way it was the British who introduced tipping to the world and like most of the initiatives we took it seems that we are some of the worst denigrators of the service. I am seriously interested in what you have to say but not if it is just to negate without proposal. Yours Neil .

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Wilba - Answered a Question by Thorne (11 May 08 10:47)

Seconds Out. Round 2. Neil, Firstly I stated I have never left a Cruise Ship without tipping. Secondly my reference to shareholders was not to pay peoples tips, but to pay a fairer wage to the staff. I am & always have been, prepared to tip the guy who brings my soup or makes my bed, but this culture of tipping every Back Stairs Billy on a ship has been taken too far. When you go for a land based meal, do you leave a tip for the dishwasher, the cleaner, & all & sundry? No, so why do it on a ship. What happened when P&O tried the autotip a few seasons ago? Their Head Office came under attack & removed the system before the end of the season. I have always advocated this should be built into the price & could be a non commissionable part of the deal, as are port charges & taxes & would only increase the cost by about £35 or possibly a lot less because nobody would be opting out of the system. As the original poster said he along with myself, why should we contribute to a multi billion dollar company payroll. As for your final point, here’s a proposal, but you won’t like it. Every body on every cruise ship ‘remove the autotip’ today & maybe these companies would review the situation. I know this is pie in the sky because whilst we have crackpot nations whose sole ambition in life is to tip every Man Woman & Child they come in contact with, is really a case of the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

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