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Wilba - Answered a Question by Berrington (06 Jan 09 07:48)

I have not done this journey, but like you are planning for it. If you go to google maps it's only 5 or 6 miles & taxi's are very cheap in Dubai. There is a 20 Dirham charge for airport pick up/drop off & about 2 Dirhams per mile driven, around 30Dir total = £6 in English. That's only my calculation, but if anyone knows different???............Regards Wilba.

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Moon - Answered a Question by Berrington (06 Jan 09 22:22)

I have not done this cruise but have travelled to the Emirates often, the only piece of advice I can offer is ..catch a registered taxi-they are a sandy colour & are licensed. If you catch a unlicensed taxi you will have to discuss price before hand. I have never had trouble with the licensed taxi's even taken them as a single female { way back when !}.

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Vockings - Answered a Question by Berrington (08 Jan 09 01:40)

Go out of the airport door marked taxis,turn left and you will see a huge taxi rank of REGISTERED cars waiting strictly in turn which have a basic fee of 20 dirhams then metered on top.It should cost about £7 if my memory is correct.Try to have plenty of small notes as getting change back can be a problem. Don't go out of the door and straight ahead as there are plenty of non-registered vehicles with owners trying to get your attention-I have been twice and it was chaos as you left the building-just go to the left!All other cab fares are really cheap and don't have the 20dhr fee,and the meters stop when you are not moving which is a good job as the traffic jams are awful there!As for scams,it is a very law abiding country so you are very safe there.You will have a great time I'm sure.

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Cantillon - replied to Vockings (08 Jan 09 14:04)

Thank you very much - your comment is really helpful and yes, I'm sure we'll have a super holiday!

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Smith - replied to Vockings (30 May 09 09:08)

How long before your cruise did you fly into Dubai? What happens at the end of the cruise, is there somewhere to leave your luggage if you have a late flight home? Any help would be appreciated.

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Vockings - replied to Smith (01 Jun 09 23:12)

We flew in the day before the ship sailed and left our luggage in Costa's secure room at the port-we had flown in (with Virgin) much earlier than the Italians who were on a later ( Air Italia) flight so we got there really early in the morning and had all day to look around-we've been there before so knew where to go.As for leaving, we tagged an extra day on by booking a hotel ourselves and leaving on a flight one day later, so I can't help much,sorry.But I expect that you could use the same room at the port as the ship overnights there.

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