Mike - Answered a Question by donald (06 Oct 08 17:31)

Just got back from Island Star which is doing the Caribbean in Jan 09. Smokers were in their element. The only places smoking not allowed is the Theatre, food areas and the starboard side of the open decks. I would also add that the non smoking sides were noticeably less occupied than the smokers sides. Practically all inside bars/lounges have a smoking section. Hope this helps .

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Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by donald (03 Oct 08 19:52)

The smoking market is shrinking and hazzardous so it is unlikely accommodate you. The current percentage of smokers in Britain is, I believe, now 19.2% and dropping. Your best chance is one of the Greek Lines as they are not as fastidious as the rest of Europe, you can still smoke in the cafes, bars and restaurants in Athens Airport for instance. Regards. .... Neil.

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mason - Answered a Question by donald (03 Oct 08 20:11)

Cruises value their customers. We place great emphasis on political correctness and will demonize the minority at all times. Smoking is now strictly prohibited inside some of our ships, although one or two others remain exempt. We now reserve the right to change our minds at any time in the near future though this will be determined by pre-sales revenue. Smokers on certain itineraries are now required to identify themselves at embarkation for decontamination. Once in the chamber you will be assessed for tobacco odour, rated accordingly and issued a nicotine coloured cruise card so you can be easily frowned upon by fellow passengers. Should any passenger suspect that a smoker is on board, and not in possession of a nicotine card, they should inform the purser’s desk at the earliest opportunity as this could earn you extra on-board credit. In the unlikely event that you observe a smoker, and that he/she is in a non designated area, then you should inform the captain immediately who will sound the “all hands on deck” whistle. Please note: a smoker can be deemed to be in the wrong designated area of a “balcony” or “open deck” if The Wind is blowing in the wrong direction. On such occasions the smoker is required to make every effort to persuade The Wind to either: 1: Blow in another direction. 2: Cease blowing altogether. If The Wind refuses to reason with the smoker then he/she is required to extinguish their cigarette immediately. If the smoker believes The Wind acted outside its jurisdiction then you have the right to appeal Mother Nature whose decision will be nautically binding. Thankfully such occurrences are rare, but in the interests of our clientele, we respectfully request smokers to consider an alternative holiday as our research indicates that you are more than happy to pay an extra 23% for the price of your cruise.".

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ROWE - replied to mason (03 Oct 08 23:11)

Well said!!

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Walker - replied to mason (02 Mar 09 22:05)

Having just read numerous comments from Neil and Ida Down about the inconsiderate smokers I can only assume he is behind the policy you have outlined!!!!! Well done!

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Crighton - Answered a Question by donald (04 Oct 08 13:34)

I am a non smoker, recently went on OV1 cruise, there was one lounge/bar on board for smokers and the decks on one side of the ship (I think it was starboard) was allocated for smokers, It did not bother me at all.

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Saunders - Answered a Question by donald (05 Oct 08 13:32)

FRED OLSEN PROHIBITION ON SMOKING. Out if interest . . Fred Olsen has amended its website A-Z . . . From the first sailings of 2009 BOUDICCA, BRAEMAR & BLACK PRINCE will be non smoking anywhere inside. The same will apply to BLACK WATCH & BALMORAL on completion of their 2009 world cruises 2009(Apr &May) Has anyone been informed / offered the option of a refund deposit re loss of previously advertised facility.

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A. Smoker - Answered a Question by donald (08 Nov 08 15:51)

Just come across your question. P.O are not letting anyone smoke anywhere indoors. Only on your balcony if you are lucky enough to have one and certain open deck areas. Have been with P.O many times but no more. Royal Caribbean do let you smoke on balconies and certain indoor bars and on open decks. NCL. also have a similar policy. Fred Olsen again been many times are also banning smoking almost anywhere. Cunard are one of the (few) companies that permit smoking, on balconies again and also in certain bars. (they know which side their bread is buttered) Celebrity its a no.no. Azamara again a no.no. Do your research and vote with your wallet if you smoke. I have done. See whiich lines keep their heads above water in the future. Will be interesting to say the least.

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donald - replied to A. Smoker (08 Nov 08 23:39)

Thanks everyone. There is no way at all that I would knowingly book a holiday with any cruiseline that is so openly bigoted against smokers and where I would be paying a substancial amount of money to be considered unfit to use most of the facilities. Have now booked to go with Island Star before christmas but am looking forward to it and am hoping there are many like minded normal happy people aboard. Cruiselines are obviously going to suffer loss of trade just as our pubs and clubs have done but no doubt in their ignorance it will be put down to the credit crunch/ change of lifestyle, terrorism ect. ect. ect. Thanks to everyone who replied and a special mention must go to all the miserable, pathetic whingers who have made booking a holiday such a time consuming effort to make sure I have the good fortune NOT to have to mix with them.

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