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Silver Wind

OVERVIEW: This ship is best suited to discerning, well-traveled couples, typically over 50, who seek a small ship with fine cuisine, European-style service, and surroundings that border on the elegant. An announcement-free ambience prevails, and there is no pressure or hype, and an enthusiastic staf


OVERVIEW: Carnival Elationis the seventh in a series of eight almost identical ships in theCarnivalFantasy-class (sister ships:CarnivalEcstasy,CarnivalFantasy,CarnivalFascination,CarnivalImagination,CarnivalInspiration,CarnivalParadise, andCarnivalSensation– all of which have extremely short bows. T

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By Davis, ALFORD on 16th Apr 2014
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We had cabin L255 on the lido deck 14 to which, i was impressed with it from the onset, it wasn’t the standard shaped cabin with a cupboard on one side of the entrance and the toilet/shower on the other...  Read More >>
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do i need to take a travel adaptor plug with me for charging mobile phone etc
Submitted by - casselton, weymouth dorset - United Kingdom on 7th Nov 2009 / Subject - Celebrity Cruises canaries Power Sockets
6 answers, 3331 views
Answer by beeson, langham (09 Nov 09 10:17) to a QUESTION by casselton (07 Nov 09 09:29)
I went on the Celebrity Equinox equipped with both set of travel plugs. I found on the vanity unit there was an American flat pin and round pins. At times I need to charge video camera and digital and mobile phones, so I just put one in the round pin and one in the flat pin. I see someone else had problems charging their mobile. I have to say I am PAYG Vodafone as is my husband and we had no problems. As my friend managed to wash his brand new phone in the jacuzzi (!) I lent him my spare handset, and again there was no trouble charging. We personally only texted, but my friend is in business and was on a contract. I am not sure what it cost him, but no doubt it came out of his allowance - I shall have to ask him.
09 Nov 09 10:17 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by thorn, sheffield (07 Nov 09 17:22) to a QUESTION by casselton (07 Nov 09 09:29)
the cabin we had, had both types of plug.....220 volt was 2 pin round and the 110 volt was 2 pin flat. Best one to use was the 2pin round... Hope it helps
07 Nov 09 17:22 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by Blyth, Dundee (07 Nov 09 15:35) to a QUESTION by casselton (07 Nov 09 09:29)
Despite the point Chris makes I have topped up my phone when on the ship and there was no charge, I am using 02, it might de different with other providers so it is safer to top it up before you go or when ashore. Not all mobile work abroad I have a Quadphone and all countries except China/Singapore/Asia it didn't work but fine everywhere else including the USA. Hopefully you can live without it unless a rel need to contact home etc...Bill
07 Nov 09 15:35 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by Chris, Romsey (07 Nov 09 13:49) to a QUESTION by casselton (07 Nov 09 09:29)
Wilba is right. .............and a word of caution - if you use your phone aboard the ship, it will be via the ship's satellite system and will cost a fortune. This applies to all cruise lines. If you use it aboard ship for communicating with others in your party it will cost you BOTH a fortune. That's for both making AND receiving calls.............. so dont answer the phone unless you're pretty sure its urgent. Responding with a text isn't so bad. ...........wait until you're in port & get a land signal before phoning..............(ditto using a computer). ................. make sure international calling isn't locked-out (security measure) by your airtime supplier - if you've not used it abroad before, phone them to check. And if your phone is PAYG, make sure you top up the credit before you go .................Chris
07 Nov 09 13:49 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by Wilba, N (07 Nov 09 09:44) to a QUESTION by casselton (07 Nov 09 09:29)
Yes it's an American ship with American plugholes!.........Wilba
07 Nov 09 09:44 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Wilba, N (07 Nov 09 09:46) about an ANSWER by Wilba (07 Nov 09 09:44)
BTW ..........I.o.t.S. is not Celebrity.
07 Nov 09 09:46 - Reply - Was this comment useful?

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