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Ruby Princess

OVERVIEW: This ship, among the best in the standard family market, is a veritable resort playground. Princess Cruises delivers a consistently fine, well-packaged vacation product, always with a good degree of style, at a highly competitive price. Passenger flow is well thought-out and, despite its l


OVERVIEW: A cruise aboard such a large ship provides a wide range of choices and possibilities. If you travel in one of the suites, the benefits include the highest level of personal service, while cruising in non-suite accommodation is almost like in any large ship. One thing really is certain: cru

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My husband taking safe sunbathing to a whole new level on the Thomson Destiny's "Tropical Transatlantic" cruise 11 December 2009.

Submitted byAppleton, MELKSHAM

My husband taking safe sunbathing to a whole new level on the Thomson Destinys "Tropical Transatlantic" cruise 11 December 2009.
The Thomson Destiny berthed in St. Lucia, December 2009 on the "Tropical Transatlantic" cruise. Paradise A great welcome School break The little guy sat next to me Early morning sunset in the Dominican Republic by megan gorman
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Thomson  / Thomson Destiny /

By Macleod, Glasgow on 14th Jul 2014
Flight into Palma from Manchester very smooth, transportation from airport and embarkation onto the ship was very smooth. Ship very old, in parts unclean. Had cabin ate the rear of the ship and heard/felt the rumble of the engine all night...  Read More >>
Ideal Holiday
Thomson  / Thomson Destiny /

By Young, Cardiff on 26th Apr 2013
Ideal holiday for us my husband and I loved cruising after we discovered it for the first time we had to try it again but upgraded to a cruise which had more choice i.e. evening dinner restaurant instead of Buffet only, it was lovely to have so much choice on...  Read More >>
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Hi my son and his girlfriend are going on Thomson destiny 31st December for a week they are young first time cruisers.They do not own credit cards and their debit accounts are not joint can anyone offer advise for them they have an all inclusive drinks package but was wondering about excursions duty free eyc not covered by the AI.Has anyone every had a cash facility. Thanks.
Submitted by - , GLASGOW - United Kingdom / Subject - Thomson Cruises canaries On Board Credit
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Comment by , CHEADLE (09 Jan 12 23:41) about a QUESTION by king (19 Oct 11 10:35)
just got of the ship u can pay cash no worrys it 5***** ship staff r great u have no worrys ok enjoy
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Comment by , Rotherham (23 Oct 11 15:00) about a QUESTION by king (19 Oct 11 10:35)
This link takes you to Thomson site and tells you which cards they do accept.... Hope this helps
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Comment by , dunfermline fife (20 Oct 11 14:28) about a QUESTION by king (19 Oct 11 10:35)
HIYA yes they can put £200 up frount and they will take u debit card if u use all the 2oo they will ask u to put more money up frount
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Comment by , Romsey (19 Oct 11 11:58) about a QUESTION by king (19 Oct 11 10:35)
Whether a debit card is in joint names is irrelevant, so not a problem. Just one card to register with the ship on check-in will do the trick, they can then sort out the split between themselves. ........... But Thomson don't accept all debit cards, so they should check their brand of card/s with Thomson (preferably by e-mail & print-off/take the reply) .......... beware - some cruiselines (I dont know about Thomson) put a hold on funds at the outset when a DEBIT card is registered, in case there's not enough funds at the end of the cruise. This can cause problems with eg mortgage & other DDs or drawing cash from ATMs if they're relying on salary payments into the account during the cruise - so they need to maintain a good bank balance. ....... if they don't have an acceptable card, they'll be asked at check-in to load their on-board account with cash, at a guess around £200, within the next 24 hours or thereabouts. They may be asked to add more cash later if their balance runs low, but their AI package will help a lot to keep the bill down. Then at the end of the cruise they go along to settle-up & get back any overpayment. But its a bit of a tiresome business & they may join a long & slow-moving queue to settle-up. With a card registered they wont have that bother, no need to "check-out" unless there's an error on their on-board account. ........... worth considering getting a credit card just for the cruise? Costs nothing to obtain, no interest or other costs if they settle up within a few weeks after their cruise. Then cut up the credit card & throw it away. Saves a lot of hassle on the cruise & a useful emergency fund. ............... Chris
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Comment by , GLASGOW (19 Oct 11 12:37) about a COMMENT by Chris (19 Oct 11 11:58)
Thanks for answer most helpful.
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