Graves - Answered a Question by Swail (06 Jun 08 19:19)

Hi just come back from Island Escape, thoroughly enjoyed this cruise by the way. Anyway internet costs from £4.50 for 30 minutes, it does get cheaper if you pre buy more time. One thing to remeber when you log on go to pre pay, it's kinda hidden so have a good look! This allows you to pre purchase time - doesnt have to be used all at once so you can just use what you want. A word of caution internet is so sloooow so don't expect to look at feature rich www unless you want to hang around for a while but for e mail it's fine .

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Swail - replied to Graves (07 Jun 08 06:10)

Thanks for the reply we go on the 10th so hope all is well Did you do any of the excursions from the ship? Regs Andy.

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Belfield - replied to Swail (09 Jun 08 10:10)

Just came off Island Escape last week. Did not do any ship's tours as we thought they were very expensive. We used local buses to get to Pisa (less than 10 euro for two of us!) taxi for Pompeii - 90 euro for 2 and he waited there for us. open topped buses for Barcelona - 20 euro each but hop on, hop off and good commentary, we walked Palma + bus! Did not get to grips with Messina - it might be worth googling this to get an idea of where to go as the port is the most disgusting place (dustmen on strike!!!) However, you MUST have an icecream there - it's FANTASTIC!!!!! Yvonne Belfield, Birmingham.

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Harniman - Answered a Question by Swail (07 Jun 08 18:18)

The ship's internet is relatively expensive best to use the internet cafe etc when in the ports as some are in the terminal buildings.

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Balderson - Answered a Question by Swail (07 Jun 08 22:56)

I spent a lot of money on the internet onboard island escape, without realising their is a package, as someone had removed the folder off the desk I used and I did not see the notice on the wall, as it was behind you as you sit at the desk. It takes a very long time to connect if you can, but each time you try you are being charged for the time you are trying, it cost me about £45 for about 3-5 hours connection charge for the whole cruise, in which time I only managed to link with my e-mails on 4 occassions for a limited time, it seemed that when the ship turned directions you lost the connection, I believe it was through a satalite station in America or something. and often when we were sailing it was extreamly difficult. I wished once I had sailed that I had the old version of hotmail, as it connected to this much quicker, my husband was on this and was able to read nearly all of his e-mails before being cut off each time. If I were you I would use the internet cafe onland as much much cheaper same as telephone onboard very expensive due to it being a special call from a ship to shore. Problem with using internet was mainly frustration at spending about 45 mins getting nowhere, and after complaining to reception being charged for all this time for nothing receiving no compensation. Went onboard Island Star paid in advance for 3 hour package I believe it was used an hour up without connecting beyond 2 mins in total, so complained and was re-imbursed full amount, gave it up as a bad job. Beware ~Children have charge cards, so I am not sure, but may be posible for them to run up a very very large bill on this if allowed to use it, as you use your cruise card into the machine to pay for it and get the bill at the end of the week, although it will tell you when you long off and on how much each package is, I did not think this was very clear on logging on. I know the children could go into the shops etc, and buy anything with their cards if their parents gave them to them. I am not sure at what age a child is issued with a card, but saw large amounts of sweets and chocolate etc going out of the shops at night with a few groups of kids, like it was going out of fashion. I thought the drinks were not too bad at £1.30 -£1.40 for most soft drinks and also you could get the cocktail of the day for this price a lot of the time. Must say the cruise was very good value for money, I just wish theeir had of been a kettle in the room for you to make a drink, and a small fridge would have been nice. However nearly everyone I saw were taking drinks back to their cabins at night. I often filled a glass half full of ice, then a soft drink of orange into another glass, stacked the glasses to keep the drink cool whilst sun-bathing on deck.

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Gurges - Answered a Question by Swail (08 Jun 08 11:59)

Hi, I have just come back from an Island cruise, I had a quick look at the computer room and as far as I can remember there was no charge. Michele.

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phillips - Answered a Question by Swail (08 Jun 08 22:17)

30p per minute or there are packages for 7.50 for 1/2 hour. Connection is very slow I hope that you can type quickly.I came of the boat yesterday and have the bill to prove it.

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