Buckley - Answered a Question by Caine (17 Jul 08 11:28)

Yes one of us usually get the ships Cough we try and turn it to a bit warmer setting but the air-con does dry you out,but it usually it does not last for long.

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Setter - Answered a Question by Caine (17 Jul 08 17:15)

Yes, we did quite frequently and like you felt the air-con was to blame; I feel even more strongly that this is the cause as we have never suffered this problem since we started having balcony cabins, which we always do now.Try a balcony next time and see what happens. It certainly works for us......and of course you experience all the other pluses of a balcony!!

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Johnstone - Answered a Question by Caine (18 Jul 08 17:24)

Yes and I sometimes get it too when returning from land based holidays. On the land ones I put it down to change of climate and/or catching a bug on the plane on the long haul flight back cooped up with some many people. On my last cruise I got a bad cough that turne in to a chest infection. I had a suite with balcony but it still had air con. half the ship seemed to be spluttering and coughing. We all seemed to start feeling the effects half way accross the Atlantic as the temperatures began to drop. I dare say the air con (if not entirely to balme) played a part in spreading it around. Fortunately i got great treatment from the ship's medical staff and soon recovered.

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Collins - Answered a Question by Caine (19 Jul 08 17:49)

I always take throat sweets and gargle liquid now as the air-con plays havoc with me, not hubby, he's always ok. Don't have the air too cold.

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