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Simpson - Answered a Question by richards (30 Jul 08 20:58)

I did my first cruise last year on the Sea Princess at the age of 60, thought I would be sea sick, I bought some chinese wrist bands from Boots the chemist, I put them on as we went round the Bay of Biscay, waves were 8 metres high but did not feel a thing, If you feel a bit sick, just go up on deck and look at the horizon, if that does not work, have a few drinks and you wont notice the movement anyway.

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Jenny - Answered a Question by richards (30 Jul 08 13:49)

I always carry Avomine seasickness tablets with me which I get from the chemist. These can be used for ordinary sickness as well, a very versatile little tablet. Fortunately on the cruises I have done I have only ever needed to use them once and that was because of the "tradewinds" in the Caribbean and it was also more as a precautionary measure than because I felt ill. There are lots of tablets to choose from but I use these because you only need to take one at night before you go to bed and you can carry on as normal the next day. Some others you have to take about 3 times a day. A few years ago I gave a woman on our table some because she felt awful - and didnt look too brilliant either - she had to leave dinner and run. I went and got her some of my tablets and her husband took them to her she took one and the next day when I saw her she came up and hugged me because she felt so much better. Alternatively you can usually purchase seasickness tablets from the medical centre on board ship and sometimes reception/pursers desk have them. I think they can be a bit pricey from the ship though but am not certain because I always take my own. You can also have an injection on the ship but of course that is pricey. Anyway I hope this helps you as I know how dreadful it makes you feel. Hope you have a lovely time, happy cruising and I hope you travel well!!

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Setter - Answered a Question by richards (31 Jul 08 17:47)

I dont know if you are flying out to the Med. to join your ship or sailing from the UK(sorry have never been with Voyages of Discovery so dont know how they operate) If its a fly-cruise you are unlikely to experience bad enough weather in the Med. to cause you any sea-sickness problems. If you are sailing through the Bay of Biscay you may find it a bit too rough for your liking(I suffer from balance problems following an illness so know how it feels!) If you do experience travel sickness my advice would be to trot down to the medical centre at the first sign of sea-sickness and have a phenergan injection. Your symptoms will vanish within 10 mins(yes, really that quickly!) That will last you for the time it takes to get through the Bay and if you suspect any recurrence, top up with Avomine tablets which I agree are the best around. Not all pharmacies keep them in stock but all can order them for you(if they tell you they have never heard of them tell them they are listed in the B.P.)Have to say I dont agree with Mr/Mrs Simpson--alcohol is not the answer!!!

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