Kennedy - Answered a Question by Newall (29 Nov 08 22:03)

Bottled water is not included. There is drinking water available 24/7 in the casual dining areas but this tastes foul if less than ice cold. Water is also served free with lunch and dinner. Don't order the "cruise G&T" or "cruise vodka and tonic) - the alcohol is the local or cheapest brand. Order your tipple by name to be sure you get the real think. All bars have a printed price list giving the price for those not on all inclusive in black print and the supplement (usually small) for those on all inclusive for those drinks that have a supplement. The supplements for those on the all inclusive are very small. Wine at dinner by the glass is supposed to be limited to two glasses per person for those on the all inclusive but this is rarely enforced. The wine served is also very drinkable. If cocktails are your thing then the cocktail of the day is around 2.25 but these are included in the all inclusive. Baileys etc incur approximately a 50p supplement. The package is wonderful if you get it included as an early booking incentive (numbers are limited and you can't buy it on board - or at least you couldn't this year) but even paying for it do the maths. If your cruise is going to places you have visited before and you will only be off ship for a couple of hours each day then work out the number of drinks you are likely to consume and tot these up using your local pub prices. Then compare with the Thomson price. Always overestimate the amount you will drink because when you are sitting on the deck of a cruise ship at say 5pm and your dinner sitting is not until 8.30 you might think well I will have two drinks in that period - make it 3 to be on the safe side with the calculations. I'm not a fan of the all inclusive packages (I usually get it free on Thomsons as I book early) but I can see that Thomsons are taking steps to ensure it is not abused. You can only order one drink per card (unless the people you are travelling with are known to the waitress and she knows they are sitting with you) so no buying drinks for others on your card who are no on the package. After dinner drinks are usually a lot weaker than before dinner and the size of glass and strength of cocktails decreases during the day. For those who show signs of intoxication the local brand alcohol is substituted late in the evening. But for sensible drinkers its a great package.

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Rum Runner - Answered a Question by Newall (29 Nov 08 19:36)

It may vary from ship to ship but I found with Thomsons that almost all drinks were included with the exception of premium spirits like single malt whiskies and liquers. Some cocktails also incur a surcharge and liquer coffees but overall I was pleased with the product. Top Tip: - With dinner, order wine by the glass and they will just keep it topped up. If you order wine by the bottle you will be charged for the bottle.

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Rae - Answered a Question by Newall (30 Nov 08 11:09)

If you go to these photos, you can see the Thomson drinks menu: and You can see the supplements marked where applicable.

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Lyon - Answered a Question by Newall (02 Dec 08 23:05)

Hi, we did the all inclusive drinks package last year with our friends. A must have ticket!! You can have what you want when you want, wine at dinner, cocktails at the show, then drinks in the disco!! It probably depends on how you like to holiday, it may sound like we are heavy drinkers but we are not. All joking aside I think it is value for money.

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McGarrigle - Answered a Question by Newall (03 Dec 08 13:58)

We had the drinks package in october of this year one of our group kept a tally of all the drinks that her and her partner drank and it would have been a lot more expensive to pay for their drinks seperately , also you dont need to worry about a large bill at the end of the trip most of the drinks were on the package including all the cocktails the ones that were not you did not pay the full price for.

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Ross - Answered a Question by Newall (06 Dec 08 18:18)

We had the drinks package free last July but we paid for it the year previous - absolutely everything is included even Smirnoff Vodka, cocktails etc - well worth it. If you book early enough you get the drinks package free as we have done for next July. If you want a nice cappacino coffee in the lounges inside you would normally have to pay for this but with the package it is free. All the wine at dinner is free too my only gripe would be that they served Chardonnay and I do not like it and they could not offer me anything else. so we used to spend a lot of time eating in the Lido which we preferred anyway. They also serve Stella which is nice too. The cocktails are lovely enjoy.

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