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Celebrity Xpedition

OVERVIEW: This was the first specialist boutique ship for Celebrity Cruises and is like a small private club, providing ecotourism of the best kind. It will suit mature adults who want an intimate and casual cruise experience, to see the Gal√°pagos Islands.

Saga Sapphire

OVERVIEW: Saga Sapphireis best suited to couples and single travelers, almost all British, seeking a holiday afloat in spacious, classy surroundings, and provides decent accommodation, good food, and friendly service, plus interesting itineraries and destinations. Passengers must be over 50, but spo

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Does anyone know what our rights are in the following situation. We were given a future cruise credit by Phoenix River Cruises when things went wrong with a Rhine cruise in May 2011. We booked another cruise (due to sail in April of this year) to use the credit but were informed this week that this cruise has been cancelled. We received a refund of the full deposit paid along with a statement that no equivalent cruise will be available in the future. In the correspondence we received there was no mention of the cruise credit which now appears to be totally worthless.
I have been in touch with a Director of the firm but as yet have had no reply and I do not know if the company is going out of business or not (they have been trading recently as Take Me Too)
Do the company have any obligation to recompense us for the now worthless credit they gave us or is that just our bad luck. Any advice, information or comments would be welcomed. Thanks Susan
Submitted by - Kennedy, Bonnybridge - United Kingdom on 13th Jan 2012 / Subject - Phoenix River Cruises General
9 answers, 1369 views
Comment by Key, Brentwood (14 Jan 12 10:32) about a QUESTION by Kennedy (13 Jan 12 22:19)
You were in the same boat as us !! We had a 4 rivers cruise booked for July this year to use up that compensation . As we were on the Arlene last year when it had the prop seal trouble. We are way down the creditors pecking order and can expact nothing back as they went out of business 14 hours ago.. Bad day Friday 13th yeaterday.. Ken of Brentwood in Essex..
14 Jan 12 10:32 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Question by Kennedy, Bonnybridge (14 Jan 12 16:35) about a COMMENT by Key (14 Jan 12 10:32)
Sorry to hear that you are experiencing the same problems Ken - do you mind my asking if you at least got your deposit returned to you? As we paid the deposit in 2 parts, one by credit card and one by debit card we got it back in 2 parts - the debit card amount was credited to our account and that seems to have cleared, but the credit card amount was returned by means of a cheque which we deposited in the bank yesterday - who knows if that will be honoured or not!!! We will just have to wait and see. All the best, Susan
14 Jan 12 16:35 -
Answer by Key, Brentwood (15 Jan 12 11:13) to a QUESTION by Kennedy (14 Jan 12 16:35)
Hi Susan, Seems you are getting all the answers and details now.. I got my deposit back ok, as per my debit card amount. You write to them, as you should get back all you paid as a deposit. All monies received ( maybe just deposits) by Phoenix go into a trust fund, until the holiday is started I believe, that is why they are able to pay back deposits while in administration. These are the facts as I understand them. Good luck and do you know any other river cruise holidays similar to Phoenix because they were great holidays even with the problems ?? Ken.. Regards Ken..
15 Jan 12 11:13 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Kennedy, Bonnybridge (15 Jan 12 22:13) about an ANSWER by Key (15 Jan 12 11:13)
Glad you got your deposit back Ken, and I suspect we will be ok too with the cheque we received, but I can't be sure until the cheque clears. If it doesn't I will certainly be in touch with them!!!! Unfortunately I don't have any experience of other companies like Phoenix although I did see a Newmarket Holiday advert in the paper today mentioning an "Amsterdam and Bulbfields" cruise which sounds similar to one that Phoenix operated. It could be that Newmarket Holidays operate other similar cruises. Hope you find something suitable. Susan
15 Jan 12 22:13 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Cruise Fairy, Indiana USA (14 Jan 12 10:04) about a QUESTION by Kennedy (13 Jan 12 22:19)
They have closed down and gone into administration.
14 Jan 12 10:04 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Kennedy, Bonnybridge (14 Jan 12 16:36) about a COMMENT by Cruise Fairy (14 Jan 12 10:04)
Thanks for confirming that Cruise Fairy - I suppose it was on the cards given the problems they have been having. Susan
14 Jan 12 16:36 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Taffy, Wales (14 Jan 12 09:06) about a QUESTION by Kennedy (13 Jan 12 22:19)
Why not try your local Trading standards the Phone number should be on your councils web site. Sadly you may have to right the Credit off I hope not best of luck.
14 Jan 12 09:06 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Kennedy, Bonnybridge (14 Jan 12 16:38) about a COMMENT by Taffy (14 Jan 12 09:06)
Thanks for the suggestion Taffy, but I suspect now that we know they have folded there won't be much we can do about the cruise credit - just have to put it down to experience I suppose. Susan
14 Jan 12 16:38 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Kennedy, Bonnybridge (14 Jan 12 22:07) about a COMMENT by Stone (14 Jan 12 17:11)
Thanks for your good wishes - I imagine there will be quite a few people in the same boat as ourselves (no pun intended !!!) Susan
14 Jan 12 22:07 - Reply - Was this comment useful?

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