Macro - Answered a Question by Shaw (09 Dec 08 03:09)

Don'T know where you get the idea OV ships are tatty!! Why not research using this site. there are loads of recent reviews by different age groups. I mention that as the ships are aimed at younger people and many older people do not enjoy the entertainment and lack of bridge/quizzes/library. Under the blue 'Home' button top left is a sequence - put in 'reviews', ocean village cruises, select the ship or leave and select Med or Caribbean as cruising is different in each of those destinations. I love OV1 but have not been on OV2 which is the newer ship. NEITHER ship looks in any way tatty. the cabins on OV1 are dull in that they have lots of dark wood BUT they are some of the biggest at sea and are clean with new carpets etc.

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Shaw - replied to Macro (09 Dec 08 20:54)

Sorry like because I have been wth the Ov2 and going on the Ov1 in march 09 I love the ships and the company and have read some reviews saying the ship was looking tatty in areas, Ov2 is exualy one year younger than Ov1 (not much) has anyone got any more reviews even if you have just went on the Ov1, Thank you.

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Macro - replied to Shaw (10 Dec 08 07:55)

You will find LOTS of reviews written even within the last few days if you just click on reviews/ocean village/ ov1/carribean. People will not write a review as an answer to you. They put them under the review site so that they can also get a berlitz guide. read my previous answer if you need more help !! It is now the 10th Dec. no others have answered because the answer is obvious - read the reviews already on this site !

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Shaw - replied to Macro (10 Dec 08 14:17)

Why did you anser then when you havent been on th Ov2? that is the atitude you are givng me this is a queasion and anser page!!!! and I have read all the reviews and found them usfull but non have ansered my question, if anyone has been on the Ov1 please tell me what it is like inside, Please, Thank you.

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Saunby - replied to Shaw (12 Dec 08 14:14)

We have been on OV1 twice. First time with a seaview second with a balcony. Everywhere was clean fresh and not shabby. We even saw the main pool drained on changeover day being repainted. They are touching it up all the time. You will have a great time. If you are offered chance do use the underpublised special Captains Lounge. The balcony suite we had was very spacious. When a light went faulty we had an electrician in minutes!

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Shaw - replied to Saunby (03 Jan 09 21:55)

Thank You very much I really apreacate it, if anyone has been on Ov1 and Ov2 please tell me what ship is better and what ship is best referbished, or if you have just been with Ov1 please tell me if you think it is getting shabby and in what parts of the ship because I am now thinking ive booked the wrong boat as the first ships isnt as good looking from the outside, I am only worried because some of the reviews iver read on this website and others commenting the ship is looking old and needs referbing. Thank you Saunby and Marco really Apreacated it, Please Comment, Please :-) .

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Reid - Answered a Question by Shaw (18 Mar 09 14:50)

I've been on both ships and the OV2 looks newer because it had extensive refurbishment. The OV1 cabin we stayed in was an outside with a pull down bed twin, the decor did need updating and not just due to the dark wood! There was a very tatty carpet on the floor and the overhead bed creaked continuously. There were marks on the walls from the struts holding the bed up. Having said that, the ship is in decent condition and looks wonderful. Either ship is well furnished and comfrotable.

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