Neil and Ida Down - Answered a Question by turner (07 May 08 16:19)

Only 6 days away so.... There is invariably a problem with loungers and the basic rule is get up there early if it is essential to your well being and necessary for your holiday. I think that it may be more of a problem on OV2 than OV1. It is not generally a problem on port days so if you really want to have the deck to yourself go then. Don't know what ports you're going to so blank there, and draught cider I'm not sure about except for the well known fact that it makes your legs rusty. The bow end in an inside cabin is only really noisy at deck 5 level when the let the anchor down which only happens at "tender" ports but it is often early in the morning and could spoil your beauty sleep. I think that shampoo is provided but not conditioner and someone else might be able to corroborate this. It is better to buy that kind of think ashore as when flying the air pressure can change dramatically and loose liquid in a suitcase is not pleasant and you are restricted with amounts of liquid you can take as carry on luggage. I am sure that you will love it but do watch out for cider rustitis ..Nei.

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Bedford - Answered a Question by turner (28 Feb 09 19:52)

You may have difficulties finding sunloungers with space between them, and if you are at the stern of the ship then occassionally you may experience a shower of soot from the main funnels. so dont wear anything white. Best place to find sunloungers is on the side decks. We stayed in an inside cabin on deck 5 just off the mail lounge, i was not aware of any noise untill we docked, you will find complemtary toilestries for you use. If possible try not to use the trips, provided, each evening you will have the ships news paper left at your door, this will provide you with train and taxi details, we met a more mature couple who always use the public transport and save £s. Our trip money cost us £400 for one week, if you do want to do a trip then go for the Island of Capri, this was fantastic, together with a trip to Monte Carlo they were by far the best., look out for the whales and dolphins if youre lucky they can normally be seen early evening around 6ish. Hope you have a wonderful time.

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