mcmenamy - Answered a Question by WINKLEY (11 Mar 09 21:09)

Hi We flew back from the Caribbean in november to manchester, we tried to book premium but they were fully booked, we were made up though when we boarded. The premium cabin was full and the economy was only 1/3 full, so I think we got the better deal..

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Wilson - Answered a Question by WINKLEY (09 Feb 09 12:27)

Hi, we flew Premium on the way back from Barbados having gone out standard. The only difference is that in Premium you get a better set of headphones, a free glass of champagne on boarding and access to all the films and games not just 3 set ones as in standard (you could get them all in standard if you paid £5.00 on the plane. Otherwise seats, seat pitch etc exactly the same. Wouldn't do it again waste of money, Thomsons standard is fine. Food exactly the same in both classes.

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Dobson - replied to Wilson (09 Feb 09 16:55)

Agree - seems a waste of money. We flew with them when holidaying with Princess and thought we had the standard seat, on passing the premium class seats they did not seem to give anymore leg room to know/feel the difference. And as for the extra movies, you could pay an extra £5 in Standard Class to have the same entertainment as those in Premium Class. Though we were flying with Princess, all beverages were free to all passengers. I may be wrong but I think it's more than £100 pp to pay for an extra 3/4 inches of legroom and an entertainment package that costs £5 extra (and maybe the champagne). A bit steep - just an excuse to make extra money. Your choice.

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hale - Answered a Question by WINKLEY (09 Feb 09 16:42)

Hi,flew premium both ways for our OV cruise in december (thomson) found seats on our flight to have more legroom & wider than standard,not to mention free drinks for full journey!(ho bother i,ve mentioned it)have booked premium for our repo cruise with OV in april,.

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WINKLEY - replied to hale (10 Feb 09 17:07)

Hello there I note from your reply that you are on the repositioning cruise in April with OV I presume you are going out on the 14th of April, are you flying from Manchester? If so we must put names to faces, thank you for your reply, my e-mail address is if you would like to e-mail me direct rather than using this site. From Winkley of Penrith.

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DUNNE - Answered a Question by WINKLEY (11 Feb 09 16:06)

Hi we flew back from barbados last october with thomsonfly and it was great plenty of room television in the back of the seat and first drinks free would definatly reccomend them.

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BARNETT - Answered a Question by WINKLEY (15 Feb 09 00:02)

Save your money - just come back from caribbean, two of our relatives had paid £400 for premium seats, and could not believe the ordinary seats we were sitting in were nearly as big, also all food and drinks on board are free, you can actually have what you want to drink within reason - thomson do a fantastic job on behalf of p&o.

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King - Answered a Question by WINKLEY (06 Mar 09 18:12)

Hi I got a special and paid 99 each booked with thomson but it ended up being first choice work 99 but not 199 each.

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