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Cruise Answers - Question: Hope no one thinks this is a silly quest... by olds, leigh-on-sea


Hope no one thinks this is a silly question but can anyone tell us the size of the water bottles in the water package there are three different prices and would like to know the sizes bottles on the Independant of ther Seas. Thanking you.
Submitted by - , Leigh-on-sea - United Kingdom / Subject - Island Cruises General
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Answer by , reading (05 Feb 11 05:48) to a QUESTION by olds (04 Feb 11 18:04)
Cannot answer the question specifically BUT there is no reason why you cannot buy your own bottles of water from the shops and supermarkets in and around ports. Usually MUCH cheaper than any "package" which is just a way of frightening you into paying money now ! Bottled water can be found everywhere you go especially in Europe (which I assume is where you might be going?) I always do this and bottled water taken on board, has never been an issue with any cruise line so far. This is an American cruise line and Americans are VERY frightened of eating and drinking anything that they do not recognise as being from the USA. They will buy Coke but not local bottled water even though in the whole of Europe, this is perfectly safe. Hence the packages are really pandering to their fears. Do not join them !! If you are leaving from Southampton you could do as I do. Buy two 5litre bottles from the supermarket. Put luggage labels (securley) same as the ones for your luggage with the cabin numbers on etc. Then hand them over to the porters with the rest of your luggage to be taken to the cabin. I have been asked once why I have the water ! I replied that it was low mineral for my kidneys. (True by the way) Hope this helps.
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Comment by , dunfermline fife (06 Feb 11 19:14) about an ANSWER by macro (05 Feb 11 05:48)
HIYA there asking about independant of the seas then put subject island cruises and island is not ameerican cruise line.
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Comment by , leigh-on-sea (06 Feb 11 10:29) about an ANSWER by macro (05 Feb 11 05:48)
Thank you very much for your helpful answer.
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