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Howe - Answered a Question by donovan (10 Jun 08 23:22)

I, like yourself read all the negative reviews regarding the Marco Polo, before embarking on a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords two weeks ago, (First time cruiser) and have to say that all worries soon faded away upon boarding. Cabin was clean and tidy, Staff very friendly, food was good quality, and plenty of choice, Hot drinks (tea, coffee, chocolate) available all day up until 8.30pm (free of charge) please don't fret about anything and enjoy the cruise, I did and will be cruise again on the Marco Polo.

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Burrows - Answered a Question by donovan (07 Jun 08 21:51)

To be absolutely honest, it is a bit late now to worry about what others say! You should really have considered that before you booked the cruise, don't you think? I really don't know why you chose to book this cruise, but you obviously had your reasons? A quick look through the reviews on this site will show you how differently one persons reviews exactly the same cruise as another! You will not be able to compare your cruise with previous ones, which is the first thing that most people who take a cruise do. The more cruises people take, the more critical they become as a rule, partly because it takes more and more to impress them. Many become a bit blase, pushing aside or passing over food that YOU may think is fantastic for instance! Transocean will have had a few months to get the Marco Polo fine tuned by the time you depart on your cruise. Let us hope that the main problems. at least, have been ironed out and that you have a very enjoyable first cruise. Next time please research just exactly what you are spending your money on BEFORE you book anything! That usually takes most of the worry out of expectation. Happy cruising.

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donovan - replied to Burrows (08 Jun 08 18:20)

Dear Mr burrows, I know exactly what you are saying....and indeed we always research our holidays thoroughly berorehand, Circumstances are different this time, however, and we were unable to do this this time. but i wholeheartedly agreee with the replies i received, it is too late to worry now and I am sure we will enjoy ourselves thoroughly. There are a lot of moaning minnies around and they use sites like this to complain and I should know better than to listen. Thanks for replying.

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Burrows - replied to donovan (08 Jun 08 19:07)

The Marco Polo is a true classic, elegant lady, and I am sure that you will have a very enjoyable time cruising on her. Lets hope that the weather is kind to you. Please file a report when you return, and we will all be able to share your experience. Thankyou for your feedback. Happy cruising.

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Matt - Answered a Question by donovan (08 Jun 08 01:39)

Long before this site existed I was cruising. (20 years) If this site had been around, I probably would have never bothered to take my first cruise. Most of the opinions/reviews of all cruise ships are based on people who just want to whine and complain about silly little things. Read the latest review by Eyre of Long Eaton on the 6th June entitled SPOOF. (it's clear and to the point) When you get back from your cruise write your own review. I have never had a bad cruise. Stop worrying about what other people say and enjoy your holiday.

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