Bradley - Answered a Question by James (30 Jan 09 16:22)

My answer will be short and to the point. Given that the income I derive from share dividends is going down faster than the Titanic, then I would!

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James - replied to Bradley (30 Jan 09 19:09)

Thanks for your honesty, hope the dividends improve soon, expect you will understand if I don't hold my breath though!

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Neal - Answered a Question by James (30 Jan 09 16:48)

Hi James. Is the over-supply of cabins any different to the over-supply of Marbella hotel beds or Lake District caravan pitches? More pertinent surely is the effect of weak sterling - that will surely hit Brit-orientated land destinations like Magaluf more than the cruise industry, because Magaluf hotels are notorious for their inability to raise-anchor and sail to Bermuda. Established cruises in or to foreign destinations, esp trans-Atlantic,Norway and the Med and Caribb based liners, will lose a lot more Brits than other-nationals. And even Brit-orientated cruisers like OV can, if they're not stuck with their UK flight operators, seek passengers from other countries . Or go to Australia ! ..........Understandably the vast majority of vociferous wallet-related complaints in these pages are about on-board prices of drinks & other extras for SHIPS WHICH USE THE DOLLAR OR EURO as on-board currency. Sorry, didn't mean to shout. Joe Bloggs has seen increases of 30%, Elmer J. Fudd says "what increase?" Chris .

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James - replied to Neal (30 Jan 09 19:03)

Hi Chris, re oversubsription no different at all, we live in Cornwall and have a Motorhome, outside school holidays pitches at most nice sites are £5-10 pn, and the choice is vast, peak season it's 20- £35 pn, some won't take rent a pitch unless it's 7+ nights. Also agree (and worry) about £ where will it all end, I think the Holiday industry overall will suffer from camping-luxury cruises, but hey ho I am miserly passenger, don't drink or gamble and travel a lot independently so my on board account will not be hit as hard as many, thanks for your response.

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Neal - replied to James (30 Jan 09 19:46)

Camping cheap in Cornwall in January ? Surely not :) I dont reckon UK holidays will suffer so badly, because more Brits will holiday in the UK rather than abroad, and more foreigners will choose the UK because their euros & bucks will go further. Especially the Yanks, now that Obama has told them that Bush was mistaken & England isn't actually 4 miles from Iraq. I drive coaches in the summer, including tobacco runs to Belgium and cruise transfers between docks and airports - next summer I reckon I'll be driving the E40 a lot less than the M3. Less money, but at least the tips will be in dollars ! Chris.

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James - replied to Neal (30 Jan 09 22:38)

Now Chris, I don't want you getting ideas about me pitching a tent in farmer Giles's field when he is not looking! Of course we have camping in January, some sites open all year round, I partly agree with you re UK holidays, although last year we had an increase to the band of happy campers, entering the county, unfortunatelynot the same leaving, as many in tents were washed out. The weather was not good for the tourist industry last summer, similar to a couple of newspapers and a ship recently not good publicity. I best stop this tread now for fear I shall be branded one of those bain of cruise passengers lives types, a member of the BaS brigade, in my defence, I do stay in the motorhome with my head low, I never participate in any on site entertainment !

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Neal - replied to James (31 Jan 09 00:18)

Washed-out campers at Glastonbury too, but that was nothing to do with the weather. But you're right, its time to draw a line under this thread - we're on a site dedicated to cruises & we'd only managed the word "cruise" once between us (that honour to yourself) in the last two dozen lines. Chris.

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Johnstone - Answered a Question by James (30 Jan 09 19:36)

Given the current financial crisis and the fact that I'm a banker with most of my investmenst ties up in bank stocks(now wasnt that a great idea!), the only way I'll be cruising now and in the forseeable future will be on discounted deals. Just had to cancel a 3 week repositioning cruise from brazil and am now looking for cheaper alternatives.

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Neal - replied to Johnstone (30 Jan 09 19:53)

James knows a good campsite in Cornwall. So you're a banker. All your fault then. Very brave of you to volunteer that information. Bet you daren't volunteer your address :) :) :) Chris.

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