Blyth - Answered a Question by Wilson (13 Jan 09 20:08)

They did have a bit in on 20th December "It would appear that many of us are getting ready to go cruising in the very near future so may we take this opportunity, like Wilba and B, to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a brilliant New Year. This is also extended to all you guys and gals at, aka Victoria Travel. ........Ida and Neil" So yes they are on the high seas somewhere in the world and no doubt we will hear sometime shortly.

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mcguire - Answered a Question by Wilson (13 Jan 09 19:58)

Hiya i was just thinking that tonight must be on cruise just now lucky people.

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Bradbury - Answered a Question by Wilson (13 Jan 09 21:02)

Yes, I have missed them also and assume they are off on some lovely exotic cruise. Also noticed a lack of input from Aldridge, Newbury.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by Wilson (13 Jan 09 22:50)

They'll be back, with a story to tell for sure. They're probably compiling a dossier on How much is a pint of lager, will me hair curlers work, can I wear me jeans to dinner, can you have 4 people in a 4 berth cabin, is me cabin noisey, shall I bring a toilet roll ........They could be away for a very long time........

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