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Roberts - Answered a Question by knox (28 Dec 08 02:05)

If you look at the ship layout on the Island Cruises website you can see cabin 7000 is right at the front of the ship so you shouldnt get any noise from passengers as your right at the end of the corridor so no passing traffic. you may get the odd noise from when the ship drops anchor or engines rotating but nothing major. Why dont people look at the websites or do searches for deck plans it would reduce the questions by half.

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Lambie - replied to Roberts (28 Dec 08 10:04)

If you feel like that about answering a question, why bother.

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Turnbull - replied to Lambie (28 Dec 08 11:30)

I fully agree with you, after all, as useful as deck plans may be they don't tell you wether or not a particular area is noisy etc. Anyway what is this section of the website for but to answer questions and to help one another politely and in a friendly manner.

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mcguire - replied to Roberts (28 Dec 08 10:43)

Hiya we were in cabin no 7500 in may 2007 sorry but we found it very noisy im bad sleeper not with fellow guest with docking and leaving its right at front .i used to look out windoe see all crew running about like wee ants running about other than that will have great time .have few halfs then you will get rocked to sleep sorry to put damper on advice have great cruise any way .wish it was us .

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knox - replied to Roberts (28 Dec 08 14:54)

Im fully aware of the deck plan is in the brochure but it is not a talking brochure so im unsure if it is noisy due to anchor , engine noise etc if the questions bother you dont reply, this is our first cruise !!!

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Wilba - Answered a Question by knox (28 Dec 08 14:40)

Can I throw a different spanner into this little skirmish. I am always bemused when people state they have been 'given' or 'allocated' a cabin & then query it's position. You 'choose' a cabin, either face to face or over the telephone, with your TA & with the deck plan in front of you at the time of booking. If your TA doesn't give you that option, then you need to think about a quick exit. Any Cruise Specialist would offer this service as a matter of course. There are obvious exceptions to this: A late booking with Hobsons Choice Or a 'Guarantee Only' basis which means you pay the lowest price & take pot luck. Hope this helps for any future bookings.......Regards Wilba.

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knox - replied to Wilba (28 Dec 08 14:56)

Hi wilba i was given cabin number by thomson when i telephoned regarding another matter i did not ask for this cabin just allocated it i presume .

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