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KNIGHT - Answered a Question by Neil Down (07 Aug 07 18:21)

Yes - just come off the Thomson ship and did this ourselves. Caught the Metro to Monastirion cost aboout 16 euro return. Very simple to get their - took about 15 mins. the walk up is lovely although was very hot. the surrounding areas has a lot of unusual shops and is a nice place to have a drink and people watch!! Once at the top which is an easy climb and any locals will point the way you can buy a ticket for the acropolis and other sites for 12 euros. We were a bit disapointed as the site is covered with scaffolding and takes away the magnificence of the acropolis. I would advise going as early as possible - the coaches from the ships arrive at about 10.30 onwards and it then becomes choas. The greeks don't have any system of 'one way' and it becomes a bit hetic. Also it gets extremely hot to cope with. We walked up and down with no problems. It is worth seeing but was not as inspiring as we thought. The metro back becomes very busy at 1pm but we did get on. Pireaus is not a nice city - just very dusty, hot and busy so this is the best option. It is far cheaper on the metro and by all accounts we had a much nicer day than those on the tour. They had very little time to view the acroplois and the guide almost bored them to tears!! I recommend the walk - just remember the water!

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blair - Answered a Question by Neil Down (11 Aug 07 21:56)

Neil did you not read any brochures or visit any web sites talking about the pot calling the pan black! is that your real name neil down:- kneel down.

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Neil Down - Answered a Question by Neil Down (14 Aug 07 19:55)

Yes yes and yes and no, my real name is Bob Dow.

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