Cooke - Answered a Question by (11 Nov 08 11:16)

Personally I won't miss them, but I appreciate that they fill a gap in the market. Do you think that people use them as 'starter' cruises then move on to more formal arrangements? Is it possible that other lines are becoming less formal and so bridging the gap? I have yet to pluck up the courage to try a large ship. I think I might have to bite the bullet as most small ships are now quite old and obviously will retire eventually.

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mcguire - replied to Cooke (11 Nov 08 11:44)

Hiya some other cruise lines are old and tired you read it every day on this site also plenty complaints about posh lines as well.sorry ive only every tried island cruises cause what they offerd appeled to us no long flights or long car trips down to southampton love to try other lines but when your used to same ship its hard to let go i will miss island cruises dont think escape will be same might try her when thompson do take over and compare them with island crew .they are the most frendly crew you could come across from them down to officers will miss them all .

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MICHAEL BOLTON - replied to mcguire (12 Nov 08 09:14)

I fully agree with you. It is impossible to fault the crew, they are always at hand to help. It is the operater who need to keep in touch with peoples everyday needs. After al they give what is expected and they will keep peoples interest. Not every person is willig to dress up(bow tie / dinner suit etc) to sit at the captains table, after all the are on a relaxing break from everyday chores.

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Bradbury - Answered a Question by (11 Nov 08 12:50)

This is just another step in the decline of cruising as we know it – as I posted on an earlier Q&A session regarding Ocean Village and Island cruises demise and what is left to cruise on for these types of cruisers who don’t like the formalities. My immediate comment was: Just makes me wonder - if all these ex Ocean Village and Island cruisers migrate to the likes of P&O/RCI etc just another step in the decline of cruising as we know it. Butlins/ Tshirt and Shorts and Baseball caps...God help us! Which brought about all sorts of condemnation but it was a valid point and the point I was trying to make was - I fully appreciate the fact that some people like cruising but dont like the formalities and the dressing up aspect. Fine if they stick to the likes of Ocean Village. What I am saying is if they have got so hooked on cruising (as most people do) and we get more of this type of cruiser on P&O/Royal Caribbean etc then it spoils it for those of us who do make an effort to respect the dress code. I do not like sitting in a restaurant wearing all my finery with a table next to me full of T shirts/Football tops and the like. Same applies to sitting in a bar in the evening enjoying an evening drink. So there is now a gap in the will inevitably lead to even more of a decline in standards on other cruise ships. Is seems more and more people are taking the buffet/help yourself option in the evening to try and avoid the dressing up bit and I think its such a shame that a considerable amount of passengers now take the alternative dining option in the Windjammer/buffet areas and the beautiful Dining rooms in the evening are not even half full. This just spoils somewhat the evening dining experience/atmosphere. I did try Ocean Village when it was first launched so I have experienced it first hand and although it wasn’t for me I can see there is a need for this type of cruise.

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Millward - replied to Bradbury (11 Nov 08 17:02)

I quite agree with your comments. There are plenty of cruise ships at present to acommodate all - I just hope they don't bring in too many 'cheapies'. What's wrong with wanting to dress up special 4 nights out of a two week cruise? If more ships are going to offer 'casual' then let's hope they still stick to a 'decent' dress code on a daily basis. We Brits have a bad enough reputation abroad so let's hope it doesn't extend now to cruising!!.

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Stones - replied to Bradbury (12 Nov 08 16:57)

My husband and I have sailed twice on the Ocean Village and 3 times on Thomson cruises and have never seen people dine in football shirts, baseball caps or wear shorts in the dining room. Most people who prefer casual dress on informal cruises are probably just as aghast at losing Ocean Village etc and only having the option of going on more formal cruises and having to dine with stuffed shirts in penguin suits. I found your snobbish comments very insulting.

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Bradbury - replied to Stones (12 Nov 08 18:27)

As I have said I have actually been on Ocean Village and believe you me I have witnessed it myself. Shorts and Flip Flops for an evening meal, food all piled up on a tray. No thanks it wasnt for me and playing musical tables of an evening because finish starter/soup, leave table to get main course, table cleaned wiped down/someone else sitting there and then the same again with dessert. Then watching as others pile every thing imaginable onto their tray as if the food was going to run out. This is why Yes I am sorry to see the likes of Ocean Village go because if people who did cruise OV and Isalnd etc move up to P&O/RCI/Celebrity etc then they need to be aware and more respective of the dress code. It isnt anything to do with Snobbery.

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Wilba - replied to Stones (12 Nov 08 19:01)

So 'stuffed shirts & penguin suits' is not an insulting comment!...Ahhh must make a note of that.....

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Stones - replied to Wilba (13 Nov 08 21:48)

I shouldn't have said that but I was a bit angry at the comments made by Bradbury, Coventry. It was the way he said "God help us" if people who used OV etc wanted to use P&O/RC. The point I was trying to make was that we don't want to go on formal cruises - live and let live, but I found the tone and manner of his comments insulting and snobbish. It was like he was inferring we were second class citizens. He may not have meant this but it certainly came over as such. As I have said all the points he made about cruising on OV we have never seen. If there is such a call for formal cruises surely it is up to the powers that be to state that only formal dress is worn to dinner and casual dress will not be tolerated.

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Jones - replied to Stones (13 Nov 08 11:19)

I fully agree with your comments. Whilst on O.V. I never once saw anyone in shorts, footshirts or baseball caps in any of the dining rooms in the evening!!! My mother even remarked that on the large luxury liners people do wear a swimming costume/ shorts and casual attire in the day and it is no different to O.V. I find a lot of remarks offensive, if you havnt tried it dont knock it We did 12 ports of call in 14 days and the cleanliness of the ship was second to none. Yes we did shower and change in the evening into smart/casual clothes as did the other passengers we saw on board the ship. Why has O.V moving away from the UK market caused all this controvesy over Informal or Formal cruising live and let live I say if you dont do informal dont go and if you like formal thats your choice!!! I feel for the people who have booked to go I expect a lot of them are thinking of cancelling which is such a shame. There is nothing wrong with the O.V I for one will be sad to think this will be the end of casual cruising and hopefully someone will see a loop hole in the market and invest in this type of cruise ship so those who enjoy informal have a choice. There is plenty of choice for Formal.

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