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Bailey - Answered a Question by Bowker (03 Nov 08 20:09)

I saw Ryanair Chief Micheal O'Leary on breakfast news this morning. He claims he did not know where the press had got the idea he would be offering flights that cheap. Yes he was looking into buying jets from struggling rivals for transatlantic flights ,but £8 and £20 flights not a chance!!!

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Neil & Ida Down - replied to Bailey (03 Nov 08 20:19)

Just to back this up I heard him say the same thing and I understand that several of his aircraft will be laid up over the winter. So someone somewhere is making things up, I fear. Think about it, £20 income for each passenger taken three and a half thousand miles and an aircraft to maintain and landing fees to pay, how is that going to be viable over any extended period? Sadly yours . ... Neil.

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Aldrich - Answered a Question by Bowker (03 Nov 08 20:54)

Ryanair saw its half-year profits slump by 47% to €215 million as a result of soaring fuel costs. The airline’s fuel bill in the six months more than doubled from €392.7 million to €788.5 million. Fuel accounted for more than half of total operating costs as the cost per barrel doubled from $63 to $125. The Irish airline also confirmed it is working on its first long haul service to the US but not for the next 12 to 18 months. Chief executive Michael O'Leary said Ryanair would only start transatlantic routes if it could secure cheap long-haul aircraft from rivals. O’Leary predicted that the budget carrier would rebound as the recession continues to drive down oil prices and fares this winter.

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Scholes - Answered a Question by Bowker (03 Nov 08 21:04)

Well the following is from the BBC News, searched from Google. Budget airline Ryanair is to offer flights to the US for eight pounds, by buying planes from struggling rivals. The plan will be revealed when chief executive Michael O'Leary announces the firm's quarterly results on Monday. "Economy class will be very cheap, around 10 euros, but our business class will be very expensive," he said in a newspaper interview. Ryanair's second quarter profits are expected to fall, due to higher fuel prices and its decision to cut fares. Mr O'Leary is expected to announce plans to buy more than 50 extra aircraft, as part of plans to beat the recession by undercutting more expensive rivals. "We'll just have to keep flying more aircraft, opening up more routes and offering people more cheap flights," Mr O'Leary said. Profits down The flights - which could begin by the end of next year - would be available for those booking early. Passengers would pay airport taxes on top of the fares. The transatlantic flights are likely to go from Stansted and Dublin airports to New York, Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston.

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Neil & Ida Down - replied to Scholes (04 Nov 08 10:32)

I can only repeat that in an interview for BBC's Breakfast Television I heard Mr O'Leary say that he had no idea where this story had come from and it was totally incorrect. No such plans were even being considered. It was an outright falsehood. .... Neil.

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Wilba - replied to Neil & Ida Down (04 Nov 08 12:32)

I too heard O'Leary's confirmation of this load of tosh on Breakfast TV. I've just been doing my sums on the 747 & fuel costs alone, assuming an average of 500 passengers per transatlantic trip would cost £10.50p per person. That's before you account for the aircraft cost, engine time, aircrew, ground crew, servicing, landing fees, apron charges, need I go on....Maybe Gordon put this out as a rumour to cheer us all up???

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Scholes - replied to Wilba (04 Nov 08 17:53)

Sorry but I do not think you have your sums quite right, even when Ryanair were offering flights for 1p plus tax never did they sell all the seats on the aircraft at this price, for advertising purposes only the very few 1st bookings on the aircraft were sold for 1p the rest were then sold on a sliding scale as the aircraft filled up. If you could fly approx 873 miles from Manchester to Barcelona for 1p is Manchester to New York approx 3335 miles so unbelievable for £10 and surely no one can be so naïve as to expect them to offer all 500 seats for £10. How does the saying go no smoke without Fire.

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Wilba - replied to Scholes (04 Nov 08 18:26)

I agree my calcs were hyperthetical based on everyone being charged the same price, but the inference was 'if you book early'. So if 500 people book early they all get tickets for a tenner? I think not, but unfortunatley people are naive enough to expect figures like this if they read it in a newspaper. The calculation I made was merely to make a point. Regards.

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Neil & Ida Down - replied to Scholes (04 Nov 08 19:59)

If you give me your address I will send you a big spoon with which to stir all this stew you are offering, just accept that if it ever did go on it would be as a loss-leader and for the majority will not amount to a soupcon of difference even if O'Leary is swing the lead. Now after all these mixed metaphors I intend to write no more. ... Neil.

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