Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by HILTON (13 Oct 08 23:31)

Unless you tell us where and when you are going and on which ship we can only commiserate with you and try to placate you by saying that not everyone is affected by sea sickness even those who are always car sick often are unaffected. You will probably get offered tablets should it get rough, there are various remedies like stickers that you wear on your neck and wrist bands which work on acupuncture points, they are both supposed to be quite effective. You can purchase sea sickness tablets from any pharmacy to take with you and as a last resort you can have an injection on the ship which will stop it very quickly although I must tell you that it will cost between £30 and £50. Weather you cannot predict and you could get smashing weather all the way and like I say, not many people are severely effected anyway. Probably useless to say this but buy some tablets and forget about it and just enjoy the wonderful experience. ..... Neil.

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Carr - Answered a Question by HILTON (14 Oct 08 09:12)

I too was worried about motion sickness as I don't travel well in a car or coach. My GP suggested I buy "Sugeron" from my chemist & start taking it the night before my cruise. I did this & was fine. we had a mix of very calm & quite rough (force 9 gale) seas but I wasn't sick. I loved the cruise & can't wait to go again. Hope this helps.

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Cooke - Answered a Question by HILTON (14 Oct 08 09:34)

Don't worry about it. As one who suffered on a small ship in a force nine going to Iceland, I can guarantee it's not fatal! Not very nice granted, but goes away quite quickly. Since then (my first cruise) I take Stugeron an hour before sailing and keep it topped up if the weather report is anything but calm. I've not been, or even felt sick since. This year's captain's log stated 'rough seas' three times and I didn't even notice - perhaps the captain was a bit of a wuss! I'm crossing the Channel on Friday, so wish me luck.

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HILTON - replied to Cooke (23 Oct 08 16:30)

I'm heartened with replies from people including yourself,regarding motion sickness.i am now looking forward to my holiday very much.thank you mr or mrs cookes,mr or mrs carr, neil and ida and mr or mrs preston.appreciate you comments very much. [good luck friday]i'm sure it will be fine. roberta hilton.

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spencer - Answered a Question by HILTON (14 Oct 08 13:42)

After travelling on a ferry to France many years ago, and my husband was ill for the full 24 hour crossing, it took a great deal of persuasion to ask him to try a cruise. On our first one, my husband was ill for 1 evening, and we've just completed our 2nd cruise in September of Independence of the Seas. Beforehand we purchased medication and wrist bands - just in case. We had calm sea's all the way from Southampton to the med, and back until we got to the Bay of Biscay, which we came through in a force 10 gale. Although the ship was moving about quite a lot, he didn't need to take any tablets, nor did he have to use the wrist bands. As the answer below says, it's not fatal, just unpleasant. We've booked Independence again for June 09. You will have a wonderful time, even if you are unfortunate enough to be ill.

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