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BLYTH - Answered a Question by phillips (05 Sep 08 08:48)

I meant to mention that over the last few weeks put up a website showing our 3 last cruises and now with digital photography it is ever so easy. See

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BLYTH - Answered a Question by phillips (05 Sep 08 08:05)

We first cruised in 1996 with Thomsons on their ship Sapphire, I must admit when my wife raised it I tought what a bore this will be but now 12 years on and 14 cruises or more gone by we both think they are the best form of holiday we have ever had, much better than 2 weeks in a hotel anywhere in the world. My wife suffered a stroke 14 years ago and it makes life a lot easier for her and if anyone is bored then they are definitely doing sometinh wrong as there is plenty of activity on board as well as onshore to make each cruise a fantasic holiday for all the family. We both like the idea go to bed somewhere and wake up somewhere new in the monring, but I try to book cruises with the minimum days at sea so we make the most out of seeing the world. We are only 7 months back from cruisng in Australia and New Zealand and next year we are already booked up for two cruises in the Caribbean and the Med.

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Cooke - Answered a Question by phillips (05 Sep 08 09:08)

Yes, exactly the same. Our first cruise was about 8 years ago on Ocean Majesty, to Iceland and Norway. The crossing between Kirkwall and Rekyavik was horrendous, only a quarter of the guests made it too dinner that night, but next day in Iceland all was forgotten. I knew it could be rough as travel guides describe the crossing as 'arduous', but I did not expect to be sick - must be an age thing! This did not put us off at all and we have travelled on Ocean Majesty several times since. We have not yet ventured on to a large ship. It seems people who like large ships generally don't like small ones as they find the facilities (understandably) limited. Has any one who loves small ships also enjoyed a holiday on a large one? Ventura was in Bergen when we were and I found the crowds of people a bit daunting.

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Brown - replied to Cooke (05 Sep 08 15:57)

Yes I have been on the Braemar which is about 19tons and felt terrible with the movement so this year we went on P and O's Oceana-77tons and this was perfect! No movement at all and not too large,will always go for this size again.Beautiful ship,sure you would love it.

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middleton - replied to Brown (05 Sep 08 20:19)

Slight mistake ms braemar is nearly 20,000 tons & the ms oceana is 77,000 tons.

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Buckley - Answered a Question by phillips (05 Sep 08 16:17)

Us to first cruise with Celebrity on Century then 2 on Millennium, RCI Best ship for us was Grandeur of the seas Find Indi and navi a bit big but very good got more booked and trying out the new Soltice next year,They say that cruising has a 94% re booking/satisfaction level and the uk market is growing at about 20% per year,lets hope that prices stay affordable?

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boards dot - Answered a Question by phillips (07 Sep 08 17:31)

There is another site with far more useful info re ships, what to do in ports, itineraries and where you can converse with fellow cruisers prior to sailing, so you have ready-made friends when you board, and you can join with them on shore excursions which helps add to the excitement. Soem cruiselines even hold parties for people on this site. You are not allowed to mention it here but if you look hard enought you may be able to find it....

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