Aldrich - Answered a Question by abela (03 Sep 08 19:31)

If the price of your cruise drops and then RCI and X both will honour that. Some T/As may refuse to do this for you as it effects their commission but stand your ground. Some T/As also try to charge an amendment fee - this is not charged by RCI. It is not automatically done so keep an eye on prices for your cruise and if you spot a price drop call the T/A immediately. No idea about MSC as I never book clients on them.

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a - replied to PEARSON (04 Sep 08 09:40)

If you cancel you lose your £100pp deposit - so you must have a T/A that has unusual T&Cs in respect of getting your deposit back. What you should have asked for is that they apply the new lower price code that would reduce the overall cost of your cruise. This is clearly stated in the T&CS 1.9. Or you could have cancelled, got your refund and walked next door into a new T/A and made a new booking - no one would have known. It is obviously too late now - but I'd get a new T/A, and keep an eagle eye on the prices for your cruise/cabin on the RCI webiste. If you see your same cabin offered at the lower price any good T/A should honour this price drop. If not book with RCI direct and they will do this for you.

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Bradbury - replied to a (04 Sep 08 12:48)

Just to clarify, what if you see a gaurantee fare - can you automatically switch your allocated grade down to the lower gaurantee price? I know then that you will not get the same cabin but do they allow this? I have been succesful when I have seen the grade I booked lowered in price. As long as you follow it up (like you said they dont automatically do it) they lowered the price accordingly.

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Aldrich - replied to Bradbury (07 Sep 08 17:44)

There are 2 types of guarentee fare. Lets pick a balcony: there is an X Guarentee that means you will get any balcony of any grade - these are usually very cheap but usually for new bookings only so you cannot swap; or there is a specific grade of balcony guarenty. So you should be allocated a cabin within that grade (but you could get lucky). So in answer - if you have a E2 room allocated and then you see an E2 guarentee offered you can swap to that and hope you get a better room, but if you have an E2 room allocated and you see an X gty then the chances are you are not allowed to swap as the X is for new bookings only. Does that make sense?!

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Bradbury - replied to Aldrich (08 Sep 08 12:50)

Thanks very much for the info. Knew you would come up with the answer , I thought there would be a catch in it somewhere.

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abela - replied to Aldrich (06 Sep 08 12:42)

I thank you for your advise. So, I think that is better if I book with RCI directly so that if there will be a drop in the cruise price it will be safer to get the difference. Again, thanks for your feedback.

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Lewis - Answered a Question by abela (06 Sep 08 17:56)

Have booked cruises up to 15 months ahead and never had to pay any additional cost.

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