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Wilba - Answered a Question by (20 Aug 08 12:43)

Hello all at Cruise dot! My first 30 years of cruises were always from Southampton, then one day we got on an aeroplane & a couple of hours later landed in glorious hot sunshine. From that day I/We have never cruised ex UK ever since. I see it has a complete waste of money bouncing around in the grey English Channel, losing about five days of good weather out of a 12-14 day cruise. As for Dover it's a 200 mile hike from the Midlands, who needs that drive at the end of cruise around the worst Motorway system (M25) in Europe. No thank you I'll fly out of BHX (20 mins from us) wherever in the world our cruise ship departs.

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guy - Answered a Question by (20 Aug 08 13:12)

Hi Folks We drive to pick up ships. I absolutely HATE flying so we decided to include a drive each side of the cruise and make that part of the holiday.No1 We took the Hull to Rotterdam ferry and the spent three days two nights driving to Venice. The car park was adjacent to the terminal so really easy.No2 A drive to Civitavecchia was interesting but we had huge problems parking the car as we were directed to a car park a couple of miles away by staff who gave us wrong directions. My husband left me in the terminal as we had checked in the luggage and I became the ONLY person still sitting there when he came racing in at the last minute! Our coming onboard photos really tell the stress we both felt. This last one we took the ferry from UK to Santander and drove to Barcelona, parked the car in a long stay (found on the net) and took a taxi to the ship. I realise this is not an option for everyone as we dont have children with us and we often do long stretches of driving but there is no luggage restriction and we can bring back large items if we want. We were discussing this on a ship recently and someone asked if we shared the driving? my witty other half said "I operate the controls and Carol does the driving" funny and accurate. Our next one is Arcadia from Southamptom to the Canaries, that will seem really easy! I agree with Wilba it does mean a few days sailing to get anywhere warm so maybe driving is something you could consider? Regard C Guy.

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smythe - replied to guy (20 Aug 08 17:23)

Someone mentioned this recently and I thought it was an awful idea but I am certainly coming around to it more - still concerned aboutthe fuel costs for the car. saying that though - we wanted to go to the caribbean this winter as go every year as cruises and flights cheap and I call it my pre-xmas cruise but the flights with BA and virgin are so expensive to miami nearly £700 and the cruise is about £300. may have to give it a miss but then we have seen some of these winter sun in the med which not sure about as we need the sun. so now we are debating the hurricanes that we have managed to avoid for the last 10 years in the caribbean against the risk of bad weather in the med. still not sure - nay help most welcome. Wilba - definately agree don;t want to do the bad weather around Bay of Biscayne need the sun quicker than that.

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