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BLYTH - Answered a Question by Chapman (03 Jul 08 12:50)

The number of formal nights depends on the length of the cruise but yes you will have 2 or probably 3 [if more than 10 days at sea] so pack evening wear. The dress code has a much wider set of options now and it need not all be long dresses some where attractive skirts or trouser suits. For gents tux; dinner suit or just a smart dark suit.

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BLYTH - replied to BLYTH (03 Jul 08 15:36)

Apologies McGuire is correct no formal nights I picked up on the ref ALL CRUISES. Apart from the Beachcomer Cafe there is also a Harbour Cafe and some said great place to go to for informal coffees and pastries.

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mcguire - replied to BLYTH (03 Jul 08 17:03)

Hi ya thats ok as ive said before every body makes wee mistakes now and again they have got captains club with card room and you can have drinks in here before dinner and after dinner we done star for 2 weeks still kept getting lost on it bigger than escape .

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mcguire - Answered a Question by Chapman (03 Jul 08 15:00)

Hi ya you dont have any formal nights gents can wear trousers and shirt and tie if like but you do have ladies night you can wear your black numbers and your sparkle if you have any you can dress as you would if going to lovley restaurantsat home .mind you some gents take there dj but you must not wear shorts in any of restaurtants this includes island or oais or steakhouse but you can go to beachcomber but many guest dress for beachcomber as well you must have no swim wear on only to go into beachcomber some guest tend to go in for there food at lunch time but does state not to enjoy your cruise.

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mcguire - replied to mcguire (03 Jul 08 15:06)

Sorry made we mistake at end there should have put wee dot at end of do enjoy your cruise sorry again but some one will comment on this and guess who the wizz kid of coumputors did i spell that right .

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