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Thanks for your comments they were very much appreciated. How do you know that sea princess is to become OV3 next year as cruises on her are still being advertised for 2010 which is strange if she is being changed!!

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macro - Answered a Question by Bramham (30 Jun 08 06:10)

15% is added to all your bar bills and every day a per person service charge is added ($10 pp I think). This can be requested to be removed if you dont want to pay it by going to the reception where they will ask you to fill in a form and then all these per day charges are cancelled. You can then tip anyone you like at the end of the cruise. The %15 cannot be cancelled. They say that this is tips for bar staff and if you are doing anytime dining instead of fixed seat there is an argument for the charge as you will rarely get the same waiters so it provides tips for those people as well as others, behind the scenes who serve you. I always have fixed dining and tip our wait staff at the end of the cruise along with the cabin steward. I am not too happy with these service charges (on most cruise lines except some i.e Ocean Village) on the basis that the Company should pay their staff a proper wage through our charge for the cruise. We then tip for exceptional service. I feel that service to clients is suffering from having these blanket charges. On our last cruise on Sea Princess it would have added £230 to our bill at the end of the cruise. However, it is a lovely warm and friendly ship with great food. You will have a great cruise. Enjoy, as she will be going to Ocean Village in a years time. Nothing wrong with OV (just been on OV1)but I missed my seated/waited/free dining and 24 hour room service!! though the entertainment was better.

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