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Matt - Answered a Question by mumford (09 Jun 08 23:50)

The bigger the ship!!!!

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middleton - Answered a Question by mumford (09 Jun 08 17:38)

I do not believe that cruise lines standards on the matter of hygiene have slipped i do believe that the passengers hygiene standard's leave a Lott to be desired no good blaming the cruise line when the passenger's do not do not use even the most basic hygiene precaution's like washing hands regally.

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Burrows - Answered a Question by mumford (09 Jun 08 20:26)

I think the fact that the Ventura is aimed at Younger families, many of which have small children, and probably have no experience of cruising before, will stretch hygiene standards on the ship. Best stear clear me thinks! Happy cruising.

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Buckley - Answered a Question by mumford (10 Jun 08 14:25)

Having sailed with RCI,Celebrity and P&O I would say that regarding hygiene they P&O have not got a high standard to start with,adequate yes,We have found other lines have more visible cleaning presence,we had a knock on from a virus on Arcadia and they were using Gel and no self serve until they were happy that there was no problems.We did not use the Belvedere due to fellow passengers using there fingers to pick up food and sometimes put it back,instead of using the utensils supplied,more then once we both witnessed passengers use the toilet and not washing there hands after,sadly its brought on board by us and spread by us?

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Castro - Answered a Question by mumford (10 Jun 08 21:37)

Our experience was recently on the Sea Princess that the hygeine standards are not high profile enough and staff do not encourage passengers to use the sanitizers, also unlike Thomson ships, there werent enough sanitizers around the ship- only outside the buffet. Its no wonder then these ships suffer outbreaks of viral infections.

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