dolan - Answered a Question by Ida and Neil Down (02 Mar 08 11:22)

UK laws apply to the UK, re the post that UK flagships and ports in UK should have UK laws applied. The international law and law of the high seas is quite different- (just to clarify for that pooster) This debate has appeared several times on this site usually instigated by a certain few- am I right the Downs? I agree with the posts that look at both sides of the argument and are well balanced, rather than the ones that are blatently one sided. Personally for example, I do not drink- my choice- and the smell of alcohol has the same affect on me as the smell of smoke does on non smokers, and we all know the effect of alcohol on society! But I would not expect people to stop drinking on cruises as I do not expect smokers to stop smoking. As for the 'pollution' argument, come on...what about the carbom footprint left by the ship you are on or indeed the car you drive! Please....

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byers - Answered a Question by Ida and Neil Down (01 Mar 08 16:44)

AS the smoking of tobacco products is not illegal a fact that seems to be frequently forgotten how about the following compromise. 1 A proportional amount of accommodation across the spectrum of cabins available to smokers only.these being clearly defined in brochures to avoid any confusion when booking. 2 A clearly marked open deck area where smokers can have a tea coffee etc and a cigarette as smokers are clearly reminded where they are not welcome so should non smokers. 3 All indoor public areas non smoking as long as sufficient outdoor area is set aside as this is the law within the UK smokers should be happy as should non smokers 4Some posters on this site should moderate there opinions bearing in mind smokers are a minority group but should still be treated with the same respect and courtesy as other cruisers who fall into minority categories 5 I am not saying whether i smoke or not just trying to be sensible and considerate of everyone's rights i posted this yesterday in cruise news and feel it is worth reiterating, with continuous smoking related questions and more constructive than some of the oneside answers given.

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hewitt - Answered a Question by Ida and Neil Down (01 Mar 08 16:47)

Sorry do not agree,both my wife and I smoke. lets go 50/50 on this subject, continue to allow passengers to smoke in their cabins or private balconies, allow smoking on the starboard side of the promanade deck and a designated part of the main lounge.every one, both smokers and non smokers should share what they are there for,to enjoy their cruise J.A.& M.R.Hewitt Hull .

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Wright - Answered a Question by Ida and Neil Down (01 Mar 08 18:08)

I think it is time these do gooders are challenged more,live and let live i say,if a person chooses to smoke and they are considerate and not annoying non smokers with it then fine. Cruises are not cheap so if you are paying good money to go on one then smoke away i say in your cabin at least. More anti social behaviour is caused by alcohol,what if ships banned drinking ? how would drinkers feel ? get off the smokers backs please.Ive had many a night ruined on holiday by boozers coming back to their cabins and the noise they make etc,also once inside the cabin it carries on.What harm is having a ciggy in your cabin compared to this .

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Foster - Answered a Question by Ida and Neil Down (01 Mar 08 19:48)

Well said Irvine Byers. someone who has put into words exactly how I feel. I do hope the cruise companies take note of your comments and act on them. It make perfect sense. For too long it has all been about smokers being made to feel unwelcome. Your ideas make perfect sense as long as it is a fair percentage of cabins and amenities for smokers and not just a token few to appease us. After all, cruising is not cheap, smokers pay the same as non-smokers so their wishes to enjoy a cigarette whilst on holiday should not be denied them. Bravo to you Irvine Byers. I.

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Ida and Neil Down - Answered a Question by Ida and Neil Down (01 Mar 08 19:51)

This is the trouble with smokers, they do not believe that they interfere with anyone and that they are considerate smokers and do not annoy non-smokers. They believe that they can puff away cocooned in their own little world whereas in fact they impact on everyone and everything around them and even after they have left the place where they were puffing the smoking residue stays behind. The fact that you state that you can puff away in your cabin indicates that you feel that that does not affect anyone. Well let me assure you that it is the second worse place that you can smoke on the ship, the worst being sitting on a barstool in front of the barperson and smoking. It’s alright to say “live and let live” but that just cannot be. Ask a smoker how much others are affected by their habit and they will generally say that people are not affected and those that are should move away. There is never any reference to the smoker stopping until no one is going to be affected and because it’s an addiction there are always excuses that something else is worse or why they can and should be allowed to do whatever they wish with cigarettes. As for being a “do-gooder” , well surely it is self-evident by the terminology it is better to be a “do-gooder” than a “do-badder”. Get real folks, bite the bullet and really smell the coffee…….Nei.

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carberry - Answered a Question by Ida and Neil Down (01 Mar 08 20:00)

I have given up cigs now for 10 years and as an ex-smoker tobacco products SHOULD BE MADE ILLEGAL!Above everything else(smell e.t.c)they are putting a massive strain on the n.h.s. treating people for tobacco related diseases.Also you stink when you smoke:- your clothes,hair breath,your home everything.You can't smell it when your a smoker but a non smoker can smell a smoker 10 feet away,it's like not being able to smell your own perfume.If smokers really knew what they smelt like I would be 100% certain they would stop.NOW TO GET TO THE POINT WHY DID I GO THROUGH HELL FOR THE FIRST FEW DAYS(cold turkey no patches)TO STOP SMOKING TO GIVE MYSELF AND MY KIDS A CLEANER FRESHER AIR JUST TO ALLOW OTHER SELF INDULGENT PEOPLE WHO WON'T GIVE UP SMOKING TO POLUTE THE AIR AROUND US AND YES PEOPLE DO HAVE RIGHTS NON-SMOKERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CLEAN AIR AND SMOKERS DO EVERYONE HARM NOT JUST THEMSELVES!AS FOR SMOKING IN CABIN IT SHOULD BE MADE A HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUE CARELESSNESS CAUSES FIRES!!!!!As for wright from liverpool SMOKING KILLS!!!!!!!!!

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Launa Drette - Answered a Question by Ida and Neil Down (01 Mar 08 20:29)

Thats the problem Mr Wright of Liverpool. Most smokers are not considerate. Flying is also expensive but smoking is banned worldwide on aircraft.With the best will in the world, any enclosed space is going to smell of smoke if it is allowed within, It is no pleasure standing next to a smoker, with or without a cigarette, and having to endure the smell of their clothes. A polite request may bring quiet from your neighbour's cabin but the odour will remain in your.

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morris - Answered a Question by Ida and Neil Down (01 Mar 08 20:54)

No I don't agree with you a non smoker I don't choose to smoke myself but i accept that many people do choose to smoke...but why should they be denied the right to smoke when they are on a cruise???? I personally think that there should be areas set aside for smokers (inside and out). With buckets of sand, rather than little boxes, for ashtrays on the open decks possibly being safer. Surely we have had enough of the nanny state type of mentality telling us what we can and can't I know i have!!!

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scott - Answered a Question by Ida and Neil Down (01 Mar 08 21:19)

I feel that laws are laws and if you are on a british flag ship or leaving from a british country then the law of the land should be put in to practice - no smoking inside public places - as to smoking in cabins that is ok as long as they are well aired and freshened for the next person in as they may be non smoker.

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