Disgusted - Answered a Question by Tickel (30 Jan 08 09:08)

You have paid close on £2000 for this cruise and now you are trying to stiff the staff a meagre £5 per day.....incredible. I do not think that you should be crusing if this is your attitude.

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Bradbury - Answered a Question by Tickel (30 Jan 08 12:47)

You are always at liberty to change the auto gratutity charge. We do so at the begining of every cruise and then decide who we are going to tip and how much and ensure it goes directly to their own pockets. NCL however are very good at trying to talk you out of taking your Grats off your on board account and will ask you to leave it until they day before departure before you finally decide. Be persistant and dont take no for an answer. I object on the grounds that this is the way the cruise lines make up for low pay. I dont pay the full suggested amount for my kids (they share our cabin which doesnt take any longer to clean than if there were just the two adults) Make you own decision do your own thing and dont take it as an imposed charge.

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Disgusted - Answered a Question by Tickel (30 Jan 08 14:26)

On the contary; you should always tip in full for the children as they tend to make more mess, crush cornflakes into the tablecloth, spill drinks thus making more work for the wait staff....and yes it does take longer for them to clean the cabin as they have to make 4 beds instead of two. Taking a one-man stand not to pay the tips is hurting noone apart from the staff that you are not paying. They get a salary of $50 and they rely on their tips to make a living wage. You are not only affecting them, but if you do not tip they can not send money home to support their wives/children/parents thus causing their whole village environment to suffer. Are you pleased with yourself because you have saved a few quid still??

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Ida & Neil Down - Answered a Question by Tickel (30 Jan 08 14:52)

Please tell me, Mrs. Tickel, why you feel that it is necessary to challenge this fact of life at sea. Is it that you intend to give less or more perhaps and reduce the amount to another? Whilst I agree with "Disgusted of TW" I can see the point made by the Bradburys but by not paying the going rate one would, in effect, say to the staff concerned that you do not think that they are worth their while and they haven't done a good job. You will not change the cruise line's attitude to low pay by depriving those far worse off than yourself. If you want to do that then you must communicate directly with the cruise line. It is said by some "I don't like being told what to do" well you are told what to do on many occasions at sea whether you dislike it or no and if you do not like that then.....do not go..... Nei.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by Tickel (30 Jan 08 20:22)

I will attempt to answer your question without all the tosh about the ‘poor people’ who work on cruise ships. NCL have a new policy in their small print. They no longer call them autotips nor gratuities, they now have a ‘Service Charge’ which is Non Removable & at a fixed rate per day. When you read further into their terms it says ‘In the event of a dispute’, the charge can be adjusted or removed in the event of dispute. As for P&O I believe they still use the envelope system & when they tried the autotip on their fleet they were bombarded with complaints & dropped idea before the end of a season. Don’t feel threatened by the majority of posters on all of these sites, UK & US whom are obsessed with telling each other how much or little the staff are paid on cruise ships. Their wage, your wage, my wage has nothing to do with anyone who posts on these boards & like Bradbury I have always removed the autotip & always will & I've always been in a long queue to do so. Tipping is on merit & not a God Given right as NCL would have you believe.

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Ida & Neil Down - Answered a Question by Tickel (31 Jan 08 12:09)

I have often agreed with a lot of what “Wilba” has said in the past but on this occasion if “Wilba” thinks that it is “tosh” to be concerned for other people in this world then I believe that attitude is one of extreme selfishness and indifference for other people. It is one to be denigrated not applauded and not one that I would uphold by any regard….Nei.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by Tickel (31 Jan 08 13:01)

No Neil Read it again. It's the tosh thats 'written' about the poor people, not the fact 'they' are poor.Sorry if my grammar is ba.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by Tickel (01 Feb 08 05:56)

I would like to bet this was Mrs Tickel’s first post on this site & she asked if anyone had challenged the AutoGratuity. She did not ask for a barracking from all & sundry as did Bradbury, the only person to answer the lady’s question that was asked. So come on, to people who are probably new to posting & possibly new to cruising, give them some respect & descending on them like a pack of vultures does nothing for their confidence in using these sites.

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Bradbury - Answered a Question by Tickel (01 Feb 08 14:07)

Thanks for your support Wilba. I was thinking the same - all I did was answer the ladys question. I have tried to hold back from responding especially to 'Disgusted' comments ref the children. I would like to point out that my children are well behaved, well mannered and do know how to use a knife and fork! as do most children. I didnt say we dont tip, we do. We just decide who and how much (EG do we really want to tip the MaitreD each day? sometimes yes if he has done us a service - sometimes no. Quite often we dont even see the Maitre D until the last night) A tip is made for good service and AT THE END OF THE CRUISE we decide who and how much and make sure we give it in cash straight to their own pocket. Do we go into a restaurant at home and offer the waiter a gratutity up front - No.

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Dyer - Answered a Question by Tickel (01 Feb 08 18:33)

Yes i agree with bradbury, i have two children of my own and never have i known them to smush cornflakes into the table cloth infact, i have never known then to eat cornflakes when there is a much wider choice of breakfast!!!!, they have cruised with us since the youngest was six, doesn't all this tipping reflect the days of the raj, and isn't it about time the cruise companies paid a descent wage and charged their cruises accordingly, on Thomson cruises there is no upfront demand for tips, no guilt trips about poor relations, in fact it is completely left to your discretion, and their prices are not really any different to the others.Who tips those in the engine rooms,.

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