Aldrich - Answered a Question by groves (12 Jan 08 18:12)

And why would you want to do this? The gratuities are a mere $10pp pd and are split between the staff. As NCL offers open dining you do not get the same waiter every night so therefore you do not have one person to tip. So for these reasons I recommend you do not go rushing to get them removed. If however, you are wanting to get them removed because you have no intention of paying the staff [who are poorly renumerated] then perhaps you should not be cruising in the first place.......

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Mitchell - Answered a Question by groves (13 Jan 08 09:14)

Perhaps the staff should not be poorly paid and then the the wole sharade of tipping could be despatched to fuedal histor.

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Ross - Answered a Question by groves (13 Jan 08 11:21)

If, you want to pay tips as you go, you will find that this costs you a heck of a lot more than the meagre $10pppd. Every time you get a drink from the bar, have the waiter serve you at dinner, in the various dining rooms for lunches, your room steward - a few bucks a time will soon mount up.......I would stick to having the tips on your account and if you want to reward exemplory service then by all means give that person a few extra $ To Mitchell of Wakefield - you will never get rid of tipping whilst the Americans have a culture of tipping anything that moves. Break that culture and perhaps we would be in with a chance.

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