Neil and Ida Down - Answered a Question by hughson (31 Dec 07 14:44)

So many cruises going in that area and as many different companies. Price and quality comes into it and I suggest you read the "Cruise Lines sections to get an idea of which you would like. Weather ...if you reckon on it being similar to an English summer you will probably get the general picture right and the sea conditions should be ok but you must be prepared for the possibility of storms...there were some this year but next year, who knows...other may be more specific but that's my 5p worth....Nei.

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Johnstone - Answered a Question by hughson (31 Dec 07 15:34)

I was on a baltic cruise at the end of July this year and unfortunately the weather was like our summer here, cold and wet most days. That said the sea conditions were very calm. Two years ago i was in Copenhagen in August and it was warm and sunny most of the time with the very occasional heavy shower. I think you just have to be prepared for anything weather wise. It's certainly not the destination if sunshine and heat are going to be important to you. The scenery is great and there are many fascinating ports of call so I recommend you follow Neil's advice above about finding the cruise right for you.

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Ross - Answered a Question by hughson (31 Dec 07 18:48)

My mum went at the end of May and had perfect weather in the 80's every day. You just never can tell..

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Does Your Cruise Loyalty Club ...

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All cruise lines are keen to get customers back on board their ships once they have taken their first cruise. To help this they all have their individual loyalty schemes, most of which were in place many years before the likes of Tesco Clubcard points and the Boots Advantage card. Most loyalty tiers are measured on how many nights you’ve spent on board or the number of cruises taken. The benefits vary hugely between each cruise company. Some of the benefits for repeat customers include ...

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P&O Ventura have brought in a fantastic way to use your on board spend on board.Customers have welcomed the latest addition of the company Dixons on board, selling the latest technology customers have been flocking in their droves to buy I Pads, cameras, I Phones and I Phone watches. But the biggest seller of them all is the FITBIT.Add this to your on board account and use your on board credit to pay for it. What a great way to buy the latest technology.Now as for the FitbIt, if you have...

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Norwegian Fjords

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I have never been to the Norwegian Fjords but we have just booked a little break on the Fred Olsen Balmoral for May. It is just a short 5 night sailing but as Charlie has a half day at school every Friday and then the Monday & Tuesday are inset days we thought we would get away.This will be our first time visiting the Fjords and our first time with Fred Olsen. This will be completely different to our last cruise in December on Allure of the Seas and I dont think Charlie realises how small...

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