Neil and Ida Down - Answered a Question by simpson (02 Dec 07 21:23)

There are so many cruises going out of the UK now that your choice is huge providing you don't want to go in the winter when the choice is more limited. I have friends who drive down to the Mediterranean ports prior to a cruise and then drive back after and love the experience. You can also get a train to the Mediterranean ports which, with a couchette or bed, can also be fascinating and not expensive. The Caribbean is fine in the winter and sometimes Fred Olsen and P & O come up with round trips but I haven't studied them recently. As Dell Boy would say ...."the world's your lobster" and I hope you find it to your taste....Nei.

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Buckley - Answered a Question by simpson (03 Dec 07 10:31)

Try any thing going from Southampton easy to get to plenty of parking in some cases this could be free,for 2008 try P&O Arcadia J819 in Sept. Aurora R819 Oct. Go to a specialist cruise travel agent stay away from the high street and the cruise company themselves,lots of agents can give you a very good deal but you would need to book early as the price can go up if you hang on to long and the best cabins have been gone.Having sailed on Arcadia that is an over 18 ship no kids food good cabins not a bad size drink prices ok its aimed at the British market.

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herd - Answered a Question by simpson (03 Dec 07 11:24)

Hey,you are so near to southhampton.RCI do canary islands,go on their are sure to find what you are looking for,happy cruiseing.

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Experienced cruisers will already know by looking at an itinerary how far the ports are from the main city and towns. However those that are new to cruising may be a bit miffed when booking a cruise that visits Paris or Rome they are in fact in some cases two hours away. With Paris being the capital of France you know the only water that surrounds it is the Seine. I think the most shocking one that appears is Berlin, people are thinking this will be lovely to visit but in reality it is just ...

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