Smithson - Answered a Question by Green (25 Sep 07 16:42)

What cruise line?? As of Jan 1st 2008 RCI will not allow smoking in the cabins - you can smoke on the balcony. There will be one bar that is totally no smoking, but smoking will be allowed in other bars and the casino. Of course there is no smoking in the dining room.

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Arkley - Answered a Question by Green (25 Sep 07 17:34)

On a lot of ships moking is allowed in the casino - in some cabins on one side of the deck and are now starting to ban smoking in all other bars other than casino.

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middleton - Answered a Question by Green (25 Sep 07 17:40)

May i suggest regent cruise line at the moment they are completely smoke free but as they have lost 3 million in revenue since imposing a total ban then it is only a matter of time before they allow some form of smoking onboared agai.

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Castro - Answered a Question by Green (25 Sep 07 19:36)

Thomson cruises- thankfully having smoking areas for us smokers, strangely though I found that non smokers took up the places for smokers!!!! you should have no problem finding non smoking areas around the ship, but please, out of respect for smokers, do not sit in their area.

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Ida and Neil Down - Answered a Question by Green (25 Sep 07 23:49)

Good for you....there are now far more non-smokers than smokers who go cruising and at last week by week the cruise lines are beginning to recognise this fact. At first they were afraid of losing custom but they are now finding little resistance to banning smoking that things are happening quite quickly. So keep mentioning it and soon we will have a much better atmosphere and less agravation until in a few years time people will wonder how we ever allowed smoking in close proximity to others. One thing is for sure ....we will still have to put up with yet more whinging from wheezing people before the air is pure....Neil Dow.

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medhurst - Answered a Question by Green (26 Sep 07 12:32)

I normally find that there is one side of the ship only for smokers. Most carriers have made theatres,dining areas some deck areas and most cabins smoke free zones. Try Fred Olsens they are very good at policing it.Also speak to the cruise line direct and ask questions about this sort of thing and take names.Other tips are, steer clesr of the school holidays/family cruises, also German,Italian & South American orgainised cruises, which carry a high proportion of their countryman.

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Calm Down - Answered a Question by Green (26 Sep 07 13:16)

I find the question and the "Answer" by Mr Down to be rather shocking. As you know, smokers have very few rights these days and therefore as a non-smoker you may sit wherever you want. If the person sitting next to you happens to be smoking then you must be sitting in one of the few smoking areas so the answer is not to kick up a fuss, simply move to the non-smoking area. As for you Mr Down, your answer puts into question your credibility as a reviewer. I accept that you (and many other people) clearly object to smokers & smoking however as a regular contributor to this site you should guard against giving narrow-minded if not arrogant answers that are littered with deliberately offensive remarks. "Typical reaction from a smoker" will no doubt be your response to this. No it's not. I have always been in favour of pretty stringent smoking restrictions (everywhere - not only on cruise ships) and am happy with the recent ban in the UK. My opinion that "people shouldn't have to breathe my smoke" is the same as most NON-smokers. I am quite happy to be told that if I wish to "light-up" I must do so only in certain areas. I think that if you actually take the time to speak with other smokers rather than shunning and insulting them, you will find them of a similar disposition.

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Ida and Neil Down - Answered a Question by Green (26 Sep 07 15:18)

The words “red rag” and “bull” spring readily to the page. As I think you noticed I am a frequent respondent and having noticed that you must have seen that I am often giving contentious views about a variety of things and I love it when, to mix my metaphors, the bait is taken. However, on this occasion I was aiming for a bullseye. Smokers have for too long been able to spoil situations for others and I admit that there are some who are reasonably responsible but there are more than an equal number who don’t give a damn. When you smoke you are not aware of the way you smell or the way smoke pervades the air for some distance around you, therefore so many things are just ignored by smokers. We have had two cruises not spoiled, because that would be an exaggeration, but marred because of unthinking smokers. A couple who continued to smoke in their cabin even after being advised that huge amounts of smoke found its way into cabins on either side, because it was their right. Two people who would take a break after every course and go for a “quick drag” and come back to the dinner table reeking of tobacco smoke, when asked not to do so they cut it down to one break. Now you can’t tell me I’m alone here so you can see why I am delighted that the tide is turning so fast and although some will get their feet wet they will still learn and change and some won’t.. Thank you for your thoughts from three Downs to another Down good sailing ….Neil .

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Calm Down - Answered a Question by Green (26 Sep 07 16:00)

I see. So you are suggesting that SOME smokers are selfish. I agree. However, I do wonder if you realise that your reaction (of pioneering a complete ban on ALL smokers in ALL areas) is an equal act of selfishness? These people you appear to have encountered seem to me to be dispicable individuals. I'd like to ask you to consider that this is because they are simply dispicable individuals and not because they are smokers.

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Dolan - Answered a Question by Green (26 Sep 07 18:46)

I agree with 'calm down' comments re Mr Down's Responses. I have been a regular reader of this site and this is not the first time I have encountered some rather ungracious comments by the Downs, his wife included,they seem to delight in giving rather flippant, and down right rude answers to other contributors. A particularly unpleasant trait I'm afraid. I am of the opinion that one should just ignore their unhelpful comments, whether or not they are regular 'oracles' on cruises! Shame on you Downs! Take a leaf from the other polite contributors on this site and try being civil in your answers please.

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