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MSC Bellissima to be christened in...

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£340 for 2 NO WAY

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Has anyone sent luggage abroad?

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Win a Star Clipper Cruise

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Win a Cruise on Celestyal Crystal

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Collette Apak's blog

The Perks Of Working In The Tr...

By Collette Apak

Working in the travel industry people seem to think we are able to get all our holidays for next to nothing. The truth is sometimes we get a discount, but often it’s no more than Joe Public would be entitled to. Don’t get me wrong there are definitely perks. I am in a position where I have access to enter competitions that are not open to the general public and I have done rather well over the years. In the past I have won a two week holiday in Florida, a two week holiday to China...

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Mar 20 2018 08:15:03:000PM

Cruise Deposits now the same p...

By Dean Michaelides

Dean Michaelides's blog

If you have ever booked or enquired about a cruise with us before then you are most probably on or mailing list. Unless you have living under a rock for the last week you may have seen we are now offering cruise deposits for just 1. Yes you heard me right you can now book your once in a lifetime dream holiday for the same price as going to iceland and buying a pack of frozen Turkey Dinosaurs. What is the catch you may ask?? There isn’t one I tell you. Well kind of. The first stipulati...

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Mar 17 2018 07:38:38:000PM

Alexa, Do You Want To Come On ...

By George Davison

George Davison's blog

Have you got an Amazon Echo, or a Google Home or even an Apple Homepod at home? We have, we have the Amazon Echo and I have to say, I love Alexa! Alexa is one of the favourite women in my life, which Is sad I know. But she helps me with all my day to day routines, both with home and in my work life and I am not sure how I lived without her.MSC Cruises last night announced an industry first where you can almost take Alexa on your cruise with you. They have partnered with Samsung to create ...

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Mar 22 2018 12:43:28:000PM