Morris - Answered a Question by Diffley (24 Sep 07 10:35)

Only eat food that is peelable or cooked. i.e. bananas or oranges. Do not have salads. = gippy tummy. Also some of the sites require you to have your arms covered. You must do optional extra to Abu Simbal and the Old Cataract hotel is a must if you can.

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Edwards - Answered a Question by Diffley (21 Sep 07 17:17)

No Probs. Water is free. bottled of course it is even used for cooking, do not eat in the street, buy sealed stuff to go in your mouth. Above all else enjoy the sights and beware of the SUN. JR.

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Morton - Answered a Question by Diffley (21 Sep 07 20:37)

We also went in November and had an amazing time. We are old hands at cruising but you can't really call the Nile trips true cruising, they are week long boat trips. We 'cruised' on a 5* boat and then stayed at the Mena House hotel afterwards. We were in a party of 10 and I was the only one who did not get ill and I put that down to being totally carefull of what I ate and drank. I did not consume ANYTHING that had not been bought on the boat or in the hotel ie peelable fruit and sealed bottled water the top of which I always wiped first. On the last day lunch was included in the day trip and again I didn't eat or drink anything provided, not even a can of coke.Cans can carry bacteria on them and I didn't trust the hygiene of the cutlery, cups or plates never mind the food. Three of our party were very uncomfortable on the flight home! I took a lot of antiseptic wipes with me and used them constantly. I even ended up giving them to others less well equipped. Also make sure you take local currency in very small notes. You will need them for 'tips' for everyone from the attendents who hand out the loo paper at all the major sites ie museums, pyramids etc to the general crowd followers you'll come across. It doesn't cost a lot at all, pence by our standards but you will need to tip all the time. This will also save you being given change in the bazaars etc. The money can be filthy and so keep it in a poly bag to avoid contaminating anything else. This all sounds rather dire but we really did have a wonderful trip.Just watch what you eat and drink and be very aware of hygiene at all times.

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morris - Answered a Question by Diffley (21 Sep 07 22:32)

Not the same as conventional cruising but we thoroughly enjoyed it...just 72 passengers on our ship split into two groups with an egyptologist each group for the duration to answer all questions and impart their knowledge!! There was only one upset tummy on our table of 10 and she had eaten a salad. Avoid salads, unpeeled fruit, ice in drinks, etc. use bottled water for absolutely everything including teeth cleaning. wash hands or use antiseptic wipes after handling money and also if you have to hold a handrail in public places. The ship was very clean and had antiseptic hand cleanser at the entrance to the dining room which the staff made sure everyone used. We did tend to eat casserole type food which was very well cooked and tender, although I did eat fresh dates which were fine much to my surprise!! You will be amazed at the history of the places visited, quite tiring days some of them especially if its hot so drink plenty of water. We loved it and want to go again.

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simpson - Answered a Question by Diffley (21 Sep 07 23:00)

Hi We did this a couple of years ago and only took englsh money -, this was accepted everywhere It seemed best in pound coins as you were able to but anything for 2 english pounds and 4 bottle of water from the tour bus driver for a £.

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Finch - Answered a Question by Diffley (21 Sep 07 23:25)

November is ideal for Nile cruising, try to visit as many as possible Egyptian sites. If you get the a hot air baloon ride over the desert....fantastic.

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Fox - Answered a Question by Diffley (22 Sep 07 15:52)

Don't go. We have been on cruises same as you then tried the Nile earlier this year, never again. It was hot, smelly and worst of all we went for 1 week with 10 excusions. Forget the cruise you are only sailing for 1 and a half day the excusions are crammed into a couple of days and to top it all 90 out of 100 people are poorly with the way they store/serve/keep food warm.

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Forrest - Answered a Question by Diffley (22 Sep 07 16:11)

We went on a Nile cruise in Feb it was brilliant it was Rameses 2nd 5 star. the trips were all brilliant don't miss out on the light show. We went to the Phillae temple for that. Don't book it through the boat book it through your guide it works out much cheaper I can't remember how much it cost but it was at least half of the boats charges. Top tips, my husband got ill on the last day usual vomiting and diarrhoa make sure you take tablets for that and some rehydrate sachets as well as the shops are very touristy and I doubt if you can buy anything like that on board.also make sure you take lots of small currency for tips as they are very poor and they don't expect much in the way of tips but they really put themselves out for you. Colette Liverpoo.

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robinson - Answered a Question by Diffley (22 Sep 07 16:49)

You will have a great cruise - just be very careful of the buffet meals that are served ie how long has the food been in the open- many problems - just go for anything served very hot - the same for hotels - and do not eat the nuts that are provided free on the bars!- john robinso.

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Tilley - Answered a Question by Diffley (23 Sep 07 14:47)

Have a lovely time but DO NOT EAT any fresh fruit that you cannot peel. DO NOT Drink anything with ICE in it. ONly use bottled water that the cap is still sealed. TAke plenty of stomach medicine and Dioralyte.

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