Hargrave - Answered a Question by Baker (21 Aug 07 15:38)

We think that you have made a good choice - we did the crossing last winter and for the whole 21 days we had very good weather and the sea was never rough. We took a jumper or two and light wet-weather gear, just in case, plus a fleece mainly for the journeys to and from Gatwick. Most days we were in shorts all day but dressed "smart casual" (slacks and open neck shirt for the men) for the evenings. Because there is always a breeze at sea the sun's effects can be easily overlooked. After a couple of days at sea there were quite a number of would be lobsters on the sun decks. Recommend taking some cover up clothes, Cotton long sleeve shirts etc and a hat are recommended. Because the cruise started in Palma Majorca, which is not really cold in November, and the vessel does not travel very far north the weather tends to get warmer as time and distance passes. Main problem on the cruise was the attitude of some passengers who grabbed sun loungers early in the morning (6am) and kept them for most of the day by putting books etc on them. Often people had two loungers each, one for the sunny side and one for the shady side. We enjoyed the food, most of the entertainment and the serving and cabin staff were excellent.

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Neil Down - Answered a Question by Baker (18 Aug 07 15:41)

We are not aware of the date of your cruise or it's itinerary but the basic answer is no for the main part but if you are going to include Madeira or the Azores and even Tenerife you should take some rain protection and if you intend to walk the decks in the first few days probably some warm rain protection (if that makes sense). After the Canary Islands you will almost certainly need no warm clothes until you arrive back here when you will need something warm!!!!! Regards Neil Dow.

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Partridge-Webber - Answered a Question by Baker (20 Aug 07 21:02)

Hi We did the cruise last March and yes, it was very hot in Rio etc, its a bit cool some days at sea so you will need some summer clothes and sometimes in the atlantic a casual top or cover up in case the wind is cool while sailing.

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gunthorpe - Answered a Question by Baker (21 Aug 07 00:49)

Suggest you take layers - then if chilly you can add or if hot you can discard. There's usually a breeze on 'sea' days and shorts suffice. Cotton is cool any loose sleeves can protext skin from the strong sun. Good luck Judy .

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Stanbury - Answered a Question by Baker (28 Aug 07 17:05)

Go to www.weather2travel.com You will find climatic conditions, temps., etc. for most main cities/regions in all countries worldwide.

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