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Cruise Answers - Question: celebrity states you are allowed to brin... by marshall, owensboro

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OVERVIEW: Albatrosappeals to mature German-speaking adults and families seeking a low-budget, good-value vacation in a comfortable (but not new) ship.

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OVERVIEW: Carnival Libertyshares the same generally well-balanced profile as sistersCarnival Conquest,Carnival Sunshine,Carnival Freedom,Carnival Glory,Carnival Triumph,Carnival Valor, andCarnival Victory. A giant Seaside Theater LED movie screen adorns the open pool deck, and a new Serenity area pr

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Submitted byTassell, Cambridge

Vancouver Cruise Terminal
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We sailed from Honk Kong to Dubai for 25 days. Our penthouse was amazing and the service was to die for. Our steward was amazing. Nothing was to much trouble even if my husband I were late back from a tour. The captain was just like you and I...  Read More >>
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celebrity states you are allowed to bring to bottles of wine aboard with you. 750 ml or does it matter the size?
Submitted by - , owensboro - United Kingdom / Subject - All Cruises General
3 answers, 927 views
Comment by , Lincoln (05 Feb 12 19:03) about a QUESTION by marshall (04 Feb 12 20:30)
They allow you a bottle per person.There doesnt appear to be any regulation regarding size of bottle in the rules and regs.We have taken bottles of different sizes on different occasions and have had no problems.We just go and get what supermarket plonk that appeals as long as they have a metal screw cap.Sometimes you can find bottles of 1.5 litres again no problems in getting them accepted.Just wrap them up in bubble wrap and let the stewards take them on with your bags.
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Comment by , . (05 Feb 12 09:24) about a QUESTION by marshall (04 Feb 12 20:30)
I take a box.....never had a problem..........maybe I've been lucky..........Wilba
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Comment by , Romsey (04 Feb 12 21:13) about a QUESTION by marshall (04 Feb 12 20:30)
Yes, 2 x std bottle, they're not daft. I don't know if you'd get away with one-litre bottles, but my experience that the stuff sold in 1 ltr bottles is pretty naff stuff. Perhaps one 2 litre box instead of 2 bottles, but there's not many 2 ltr boxes. Mebbe even a single 3ltr box "cos that's all the shop sold" & said with an engaging smile? ............ Chris
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