Kennedy - Answered a Question by McCormack-Gibbs (18 Oct 08 21:20)

Hope you enjoyed your cruise. The Calypso is a wonderful ship for its size and aspirations. Overdressing on Thomson cruises is rarely a problem it is those who take the "smart casual" to the limit of barely changing out of clothes they have been wearing all day that cause comment. Again the price of drinks is mentioned in your question. I still don't understand why this is an issue. If one can afford a cruise (which in general terms is not a cheap holiday) why on earth is the price of drinks an issue? If you (as you have claimed) have been on P&O, Princess & NCI why are you worrying about the price of drink when the cruise price (especially when you have booked a last minute deal on Thomsons) are thing about these little things. Perhaps you have not cruised these lines as you have claimed? And why book a 3 star ship when you claim to be used to 5 start lines in the past?

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Gibbs - replied to Kennedy (02 Dec 08 21:39)

Thanks for the help there to my mother. I find some parts of that response a little rude and accusative! I am her son was just looking at the feedback to the question. Why on earth would my mother lie about having been on certain cruises to people she does not even know? There is no harm in asking whether or not it is worth getting a certain deal and seeing whether or not it will pay off. We have indeed been on many expensive cruises, one of which reached £20,000, but it is for this reason that we cannot do that more than once a year and have to have smaller cheaper cruises during half term. Do try to avoid the accusative tone! Many thanks, Adam.

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BLYTH - Answered a Question by McCormack-Gibbs (26 Jul 08 13:54)

As far as attire is concerned there no reason why you should wear the nrom for the fomal nights. I have a tux and on the last 5 star cruise ship I was one of only 40 and there was a high percentage of clients just wearing a dark suit. You want to feel good for your fomral nights so why worry about the others. As far a changing from 1st to 2nd you need to ask as soon as you get boarded and sorted out. It is not unusual for the 2nd sitting to be slightly quieter than the 1st. The drinks prices are OK and not expensive. I have been on two Thomson cruises and we had a great time, but they are smaller ships. One problem with the Calypso is engine noise when coming into and leaving the berthing point. Wine prices to are reasonable with many in the $18 to $30 [£10 to £17], for three per night not too bad.

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McCormack-Gibbs - replied to BLYTH (27 Jul 08 10:40)

Thank you for your reply, which is really appreciated! My son thinks the pool looks very small and the photo does not show many sun loungers around...are there plenty of sun beds about? Does the cabin have live web cam TV and news runnig like on P&O? As this is our first ever inside cabin we are nervous we will feel claustrophobic without any daylight or picture to show what the weather is like outside?? Drinks seem reasonable. The AI package at £298 per person was steep as they said we had to pay for our 17 yr old son as well if we wanted it. We could not just do it for the 2 of us!As he onle has the odd glass of wine with a meal that seemed unreasonable. Any comments on the ports of call or trips are most welcome as i can plan our itinery in advance then. Thanks Tracy.

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Blyth - replied to McCormack-Gibbs (28 Jul 08 09:08)

Yes this ship is quite small most we go on nowadays have 1800+ passengers so all the facilties are scaled down. Are you in a standard or premier inside cabin as the standard does not have a lot of storage space. There is a TV and it shows you the bridge, so you will see an outside view. Take a few coat hangers with you as there are usually not many. If you were unhappy with the cabin although they will say the ship is full they never are and you could be pushy until they do something. The safe key don't loose it or it will cost you £12 to replace it. In the restuarant there are lots of mirrors to make it look bigger. Finally, because of the instability of this ship even in slight seas, caused by it's small size and flat bottom, you might have a rough ride.

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morris - replied to Blyth (28 Jul 08 16:50)

The ship only carries 430 ish passengers and it never felt crowded during the two weeks we were on her....the sun lounging area is up on the very top deck and there was plenty of room, but the pool is at the back with tables and chairs around it rather than sunloungers. We had very choppy seas in the northern part of the Black Sea and found the ship hardly moved ...certainly not enough to take sea sickness tablets...and we were on a highish deck. We had a very comfortable ride for the whole two fact we were less comfortable on the Sea Princess (at least twice the size with stabilizers) last year crossing the Bay of Biscay!!!! Go with an open mind and i'm sure you will enjoy yourselves!!

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morris - Answered a Question by McCormack-Gibbs (26 Jul 08 19:35)

Not long returned from the Calypso and we loved it!! I wore cocktail length dresses for the two formal nights and my partner wore dark lounge suit and bow tie but really anything goes!! other evenings were quite less formal...I wore various tops and black silky trousers and John wore short sleeved open necked shirt and trousers and we fitted in quite well! Regarding the sitting for actually see the Maitre De before you board and he was a very amenable gentleman so I am sure he would change your sitting if he is able! Although we had a free upgrade to all inclusive I did make a note of some of the drinks...Try the house wine by the glass before you buy a bottle ....the white was very drinkable and was £2.25 a glass...cocktails of the day were about the same price...soft drinks i.e. Coke, Fanta etc were £1.00 a can. I think on the whole the drinks are a fair price. We think Thomson ships are very good value for money (especially as tips are included) and if you go with an open mind and get a peaceful cabin (we were Deck 6 slightly forward of midships and it was perfect...if a bit small) you will be pleasantly surprised!!!

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McCormack-Gibbs - replied to morris (27 Jul 08 10:28)

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. your comments are appreciated! The first night we shall not arrive until after 7pm, so I assume we take casual dining that night in the bistro? Did this happen to you? Also do you have any comments on the trips you did or the ports of call?

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morris - replied to McCormack-Gibbs (27 Jul 08 11:43)

I have already done a review on the 'review' section of this site!! It depends really what itineraries you are doing .....we did the Black Sea and the Greek Islands...(can't remember the proper titles!) We did our own thing in all ports on the Islands week although if you haven't been to Ephesus it might be worth doing an excursion there....elsewhere we just wandered the local areas (we usually do that on a first visit)...Black sea was a different kettle of fish!! Sevastopol we did a trip to the Khans Palace and the Cave monastery...quite interesting and we saw some of the countryside...Nessebar we did our own thing and explored the immediate surroundings which was quite nice... Constanta we did a 'wine tasting' excursion...interesting to see the area but not a place we would return to! Istanbul was fantastic did the excursion to Blue Mosque, Topkapi's palace and Grand bazaar but it would have been easy to do this on our own ...and we probably would do again as we didn't get long in the Grand Bazaar! Last stop was Limnos which we explored on our own. the middle Monday we walked along the front ofThessaloniki to the white tower and then turned in to the shopping area and we also did that on the last day as our flight was pm. We arrived about 4 pm so didn't have a problem with our first dinner but the Bistro was open for those who are later....My advice would be to eat breakfast and lunch in the restaurant as well as dinner...and just use the bistro for when you may be in a hurry or late back on board. We loved all the ports of call in the Greek Island week but would not return to Constanta or Sevastopol (although it was interesting to go there) ..Have a good trip!

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hammonds - replied to morris (01 May 09 19:46)

How far are the shops from the ships berth in thessaloniki are they within easy walking distance, we are looking for a good supermarket to stock up on soft drinks before we set sail.

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