Dockerty - Answered a Question by McGarrigle (17 Sep 08 19:56)

Hi, you can find info on excursions on the thomson website. Click on cruises, then scroll down & click "what destinations can I visit". Then click on "ports of call", and then you can choose your ports. It will tell you a bit about the port and some of the excursions offered. Hope this helps.

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harris - Answered a Question by McGarrigle (21 Sep 08 22:50)

Hi, just returned from this trip. GIBRALTER.£29. better to take a taxi from the main town square. this tour was too "whistlestop". taxi driver will give you more time to see what is to be seen and will give you a guided tour if you agree to a price beforehand. also this tour does not take in the cable-car ride better to do this independently. taxi from ship to town square £1. CASABLANCA.£39. value for money as this tour takes in the magnificent Hassein 11 mosque. it has to be seen for its magnificent italian marble. our local guide was excellent, taking us to a large shop, where all goods-leather,silver,carvings,etc., were authentic and prices were government controlled. no need for haggling and bartering. watch out for the little boy named ALI. he will insist on carrying your prospective purchases round the shop,but he does not ask or expect anything in return. like all little boys of his age, he just wants to be involved and feel "grown-up and important". if you speak french he will chat away to you. CEUTA.£29. trip to TETUOUN. would not recommend this tour at all. takes you back in time to "old town". but once you have seen one or two tiny streets with peope selling their local produce, you have seen them all. better to walk or take taxi into Ceuta and explore. it is a beautiful city and quiet safe. did this alone and had no problems(i am 53yr old granny to five). taxi drivers are pleasant, friendly and helpful.if you have a few words of spanish they will love you. also by doing this you have time to do some duty- free shopping!!!!! ALMERIA-GRENADA. £69. this sounds expensive but believe me it is worth every penny and more. This was the highight of the week for me. if you do nothing else for the week, please take this tour, especially if you have an interest in history,geographics, magnificent architecture etc,. even if none of this interests you, it would be such a shame to miss this. Although the transfer time to the ALHAMBRA PALACE is two hours, our guide YAN was such a mine of information throughout the journey we did not feel it.there was a stop off for coffee and toilet break about halfway. we also had lunch on arrival which included wine. price included in cost of excursion. lunch over we walked a short distance to the palace and its gardens. The ALHAMBRA PALACE was something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have stood in front of the Empire State building, the Twin Towers, the Statue of Liberty. I have toured Washington D.C and have even been inside The White House. I have seen the sun go down and come up on the Sahara Dessert and the ALHAMBRA PALACE would certainly be up there with those. i cannot describe the feeling of awe i felt in this place as i stood two feet from the spot where Cristopher Colombus knelt when queen Isabella gave him permission to explore the americas. VALENCIA.£29. forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go it alone. this was supposed to be a tour of the city sights. instead we were taken to the city centre by bus and taken on a walking(running) tour of the city centre. although our guide was local, she seemed not to have much knowledge of the history of the buildings and monuments and kept getting mixed up. it seemed to me that she was new to the job. the itinerary stated that we would visit the site of the Holy Grail. we did, with all of us cramming to look in the window of the church door, none of knowing what we were looking for!!!!!!! hope this helps you to plan your itinerary and to chose your excursions. sorry if it seems long winded but i wish i had had this information before i went. by the way children are half price. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, Mary.

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mcgarrigle - replied to harris (24 Sep 08 19:22)

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question it very informative and detailed.

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