Jordan - Answered a Question by carver (23 Feb 11 11:19)

We went to Iceland /Greenland- a whale hotspot. You can see whales for nothing as you cruise on the ship. We saw so many we even got blase about seeing them in the end. Amazed me why people would pay to go on a whalewatching trip! Just take a good pair of bins, a whale id book and save yourself some money!

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southend - Answered a Question by carver (22 Feb 11 20:11)

We did whale watching from bar harbour last year when on an NCL cruise. researched the price online direct with the local firm,, but found they were only about $5.00 dollars cheaper than buying the exactly same trip via the cruise ship. it transpired trip left late and returned late but the cruise ship delayed departure for us..... the whale watching is done on a large fast catermaran and when it motors it is cold on the open upper decks...we were unlucky (apparently) in seeing only one basking shark and a small whale but the commentary was very informative and i learnt alot about the local lobser fishing will be amazed at the number of lobster pots.

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carver - replied to southend (22 Feb 11 21:11)

Thankyou very much for the info.

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Torres - replied to carver (23 Feb 11 00:42)

I would be wary of booking an oceangoing trip privately (and we rarely use ship's excursions) because of the many things that can cause delays. Incidentally the Americans might be a bit annoyed to find that Maine has been handed over to Canada! (LOL).

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