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We do use the cruise excursions and the buses they use at least the 4 seats on the left and right are reserved for those who are disabled but even that might not be suitable. Back home we organise trips for some members of a club who have wheelchairs but the bus has a lift to deal with this very problem, but never seen this type of bus on any of our previous excursions in the Caribbean. It might be worth asking at the cruise desk how they might help we find with Celebrity they try to do there best. We love St.Maarten's and we head for the French part which is the furthest point away from where the ship will dock, but there will be the usual array of taxis when you come off the ship so no problem there. We will be in this area in a few months time on the Celebrity Solstice. Hope this might have been some help to you.

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Latham - replied to Blyth (04 Jan 09 16:58)

Hi, Thanks for your message. Coincidence, as we’re also travelling on Solstice and leave on the 18th January. Thought I might be able to give you some information, concerning your comment that you’ve never come across wheelchair accessible vehicles on your excursions. At many of the destinations we’ve been to, there haven’t been accessible vehicles, but we have come across them at Ocho Rios and Cozumel. The one we used in Ocho Rios had portable ramps, and the driver pushed you up into the back of the minivan while the one at Cozumel had a tail lift. A word of caution if you use the ones at Cozumel; keep your head down as you go into the minivan as I banged my head (hard!) on the roof as I pushed in off the lift. It was my own fault but I’m not too tall so I’d just like to alert people to this. It was nice to come across these vehicles, rather than having to transfer into taxis. When you leave the ship at Ocho Rios, the board at the terminal gates lists the taxi fares to different locations and it mentions on it about the wheelchair accessible vehicles. We didn’t notice anything at Cozumel and it might have just been luck that the accessible van was there when we got to the gates. Enjoy your trip when you go.

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Blyth - replied to Latham (05 Jan 09 08:37)

I was referring to the cruise excursion buses I have seen the independant minibuses with the access but at home here we have the big 55 seater buses fitted with lifts. You must write a review on Solstice not much appeared so far even the photo's are few and far between I managed to track a few down and put them on my website I saw but lost a site at the week-end where they gave a rating of the month for the top 10 ships in December 2008 and Solstice topped the list.

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Blyth - replied to Latham (05 Jan 09 09:34)

Further to the bit below I found an American site where a nmuber of travel agents were invited for only 3 days on the ship prior to its inaugural cruise. There time was limited but they marked most of the facilities on the ship 5 or 5 plus with a few marking the AquaSpa area as only a 4 and fewer marking the staterooms a 4 as well. The said they thought lack of storage but one commented more space under the beds as they were slightly higher than normal therefore more room to store suitcases. There is a new class AquaClass which is beside that part of the ship and they have their own private diningroom they referred to as the Blu room. Some commented on a new way of doing the muster station drill but no details as to what was different. Some commented on the shower was fitted with a door and not a curtain and that overnight there was always a light on in the toilet but a a very low level. Finally the doors to the staterooms opened out and not in as is the usual and one brit who was invited said he thought the new waiver form that used to be filled in on the flight before landing was from 12th January onwards to be filled in on-line and he thought this had not been published well enough. Enough of my ramblings hope you enjoy your cruise it is only a few months until we do our back to back in Stateroom 9261...Bill .

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