taylir - Answered a Question by UPTON (09 Jun 08 21:33)

Yes they did in August 2007 when I went on her although, its not played the same as english bingo much more interesting. It was played the same on Royal caribbean as well.

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UPTON - replied to taylir (09 Jun 08 21:52)

Thanks for your helpful answer, my wife will be pleased.

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Cradon - Answered a Question by UPTON (10 Jun 08 13:32)

Yes, we just got back from a holiday on OV2, and yes they do play bingo in the main theatre, think it is around 7pm every night. Also it is worth noting that the prizes are good. I remember at the end of the holiday it was up to a few hundred pounds, and it all has to go once a week, so you never know you may be lucky.

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Balderson - Answered a Question by UPTON (28 Jun 08 14:15)

Yes tickets on sale 6.30, not on day of sailing but thereafter, played at 7.15. American Bingo, 5 games in total, first 4 corners, 2nd across the card through the free square, third, picture frame around the free square, fourth two lines down under the B and under the O. Firth page full house jackpot page started on I believe about 50 numbers, we played last week for £25, £50, £75,£100, last game starting at jackpot prize of about £300, but if you didnt get it is 50 numbers, prize changed to £150. Prices not bad 3 cards of 5 games cost £10 in total, and not too many people playing. After the first day, they told us to exchange our blue pages at the casino cash desk, for free raffle tickets. one per blue page, this was done each day we were aboard, except last and three prizes were drawn each night before numbers called. Most enjoyable, raffle prizes consisted of Meals in the Bistro, (James Martin's rest on board ) He was actually on the cruise with us for 3 days, I had my photo taken as he signed one of his cook books for me. Mind you the photos are expensive, cost me £9.95. but did buy this one, but none of the others, as I think they just outpriced themselves. When we went on our first cruise we bought all our photos, but now, we just get what we want. Not too many people at Bingo until the last night, I think they came off other ships, never seen so many people all of a sudden, as the jackpot of £600 was given away on last night no matter how many numbers it was won in. Dont forget to put your bingo dabber in the plastic bag at airport as it contains liquid, and you may get stopped at Customs as my son did, if not. You can buy dabbers on board though. Enjoy.

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