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Costa Serena

OVERVIEW: Costa Cruises does a good job of providing first-time cruise passengers with a well-packaged holiday that is a mix of sophistication and basic fare.

Jewel of the Seas

OVERVIEW: This ship is best suited to young-minded adult couples and singles, families with toddlers, tots, children, and teenagers who like to mingle in a large ship setting with plenty of city-like life and high-energy entertainment. The food is acceptable, stressing quantity rather than quality u

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Any smokers out there please? What is the duty free allowance to bring back the the UK and can you buy cigs/tobacco on shore and bring back onto the ship?
Submitted by - Smith, Peterborough - United Kingdom on 6th Mar 2009 / Subject - Thomson Cruises canaries Duty Free
8 answers, 3338 views
Question by Hardie, Bishopton (12 Feb 11 14:02) about a QUESTION by Smith (06 Mar 09 10:26)
Are passengers allowed to take alcohol on board or buy on board in duty free shop for consumption in their cabin?
12 Feb 11 14:02 -
Comment by bell, glasgow (12 Oct 10 20:10) about a QUESTION by Smith (06 Mar 09 10:26)
does anyone no what kind of cigs u can buy in maderia i am looking for mayfair
12 Oct 10 20:10 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by WARD, CARDIFF (27 May 09 14:07) to a QUESTION by Smith (06 Mar 09 10:26)
27 May 09 14:07 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by barber, ammanford (24 Mar 09 13:43) to a QUESTION by Smith (06 Mar 09 10:26)
we went onthe christmas cruise and flew out of Madeira we were only aloud 200 cigs each they pick random families to be checked at the port before you go home
24 Mar 09 13:43 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by aspinall, garlieston (13 Mar 09 09:34) to a QUESTION by Smith (06 Mar 09 10:26)
the true duty free (not eec duty paid) allowance is still 200cigs or 250gramme of tobacco per person. did not realise about the madeira bit being full eec ,if it is and your uk flight is direct to there you can bring "unlimited" (interpreted by uk customs as 3200 cigs AND 6kg of tobacco per person),portugese prices are not too cheap though so you would be better risking the duty free from the ship. if the madeira bit does not come in to it the cheapest prices are the duty free on the thomson flights,cigs £30 per 400 tobacco £32 per 500 gramme ,get some extra on the way out as it can be in short supply on the return flight. the prices on the ship are more expensive than on the flights for drink as well
13 Mar 09 09:34 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by North, Huddersfield (08 Mar 09 16:14) to a QUESTION by Smith (06 Mar 09 10:26)
You can buy on the ship too and they are not expensive - I think about £18 for 200 of a reasonable brand eg Richmond Superking
08 Mar 09 16:14 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by morris, st columb (06 Mar 09 13:54) to a QUESTION by Smith (06 Mar 09 10:26)
In Tenerife there is usually a stall selling cigs by the entrance to the port and we have found he has the best prices (certainly on the last two occasions we have been!) Yes you can buy ashore and bring back on board ...can't help with allowances as we only ever buy 200 for relatives.
06 Mar 09 13:54 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by middleton, warminster (06 Mar 09 11:04) to a QUESTION by Smith (06 Mar 09 10:26)
Madeira which is Portuguese's is the only island that is part of the E.E.C. So E.E.C. Regulations apply there. All the other islands are Spanish but they are not part of the E.E.C. So non E.E.C. Regulations apply on them.
06 Mar 09 11:04 - Reply - Was this comment useful?

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