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Davies - Answered a Question by White (26 Jan 09 22:00)

Well if youre that worried try taking afew boxes with you.

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Kennedy - Answered a Question by White (26 Jan 09 21:39)

Rice krispies are regularly available for breakfast but whether or not they are Kellogg's is questionable. Perhaps your cruise is an opportunity for your son to expand the range of foodstuffs he eats.

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Edge - replied to Kennedy (27 Jan 09 17:29)

I find some of these coments deplorable, being the father of a child who was a fussy eater myself (he's now over 6 feet tall so don't worry about it) I can sympathise with you. Back to your original question, however, I can confirm that Thomson's Destiny has a full range of Kellogs products from frosties to Rice Crispies, All Bran if you require the need and Special K. The helpful waiters in the seven seas restaurant will even slice up a banana for you if required. Don't let your child's fussy eating put you off a cuise he will always find something to graze on and we found the burger and hot dogs a tasty snack if we had missed lunch as well as the range of pizas that are always available at the mast head grill. If all else fails there is also a plentiful supply of chips all day and a deck barbeque at least once a week. we have just returned from two weeks on destiny in the Caribbean and it was superb, have a go..........happy cruising .

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Wilson - Answered a Question by White (26 Jan 09 23:38)

Not wishing to be funny but get a life and get your child to eat properly. On any cruise this child is not going to starve even if he does not get get Kellogs Rice Krispies at breakfast. Who got him fussy!

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Neil & Ida Down - replied to Wilson (27 Jan 09 15:56)

My sentiments exactly. The alternative......leave him at home with a good supply of the product and ask the milkman to leave a couple of pintas a day. .... Neil ( I could be in trouble again!).

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Groves - Answered a Question by White (28 Jan 09 08:20)

If your child can /will only eat Rice Krispies then I suggest you are a very irresponsible parent for not arranging to take a supply with you.

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sue - Answered a Question by White (28 Jan 09 13:49)

I have 3 teenage children, 2 of my kids are incredibly fussy eaters (or it suits them to make out that they are?) one will only eat bread, pasta or potato another only eats raw cold foods mainly salad or fruit yet my youngest will eat virtually anything I put in front of her, I've learnt that its nothing we do as parents that makes them this way, however, I have also learnt that left to their own devices they will find something to eat of their own accord and that when faced with the absolute absence of their favourite brand of ketchup/cereal/fish fingers etc they will (surprisingly) accept what is available!! they would never accept this at home, they know full-well that if they hold out long enough eventually I will get whatever it is they say the want!! as parents we cant help ourselves from doing this and don't the kids know it! however, most kids are clever enough to realise that this cannot happen on board a ship in the middle of the ocean..... consequently, on each and every cruise we have been on we have left our kids to choose for themselves from the various shipboard buffets pointing out that it's 'take it or leave it!' I have noticed that although most of the time they may chose to eat just a plate of crackers or endless bowls of jelly after a few days they did start to choose a variety of different foods sometimes even choosing things that they would turn their noses up to at home?? and making do without their usual brands with no complaints, so, all-in-all its best not to worry to much, kids will never let themselves get uncomfortably hungry especially when food is available 24/7 and even if they do only eat crackers and jelly all week its only for a week and probably wont do them any lasting harm. I hope this helps.

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FRANK - Answered a Question by White (28 Jan 09 15:13)

Check with the ships coustomer service department and if not available either bring your own box or request that the ship have it available for him. to make sure pack a box so you know he will have them--remember even if they start out with them they may run out and offer another kind. carol .

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Cooper - Answered a Question by White (30 Jan 09 17:16)

We were on the thomson destiny at Christmas and there was an array of Kellogs cereals, rice krispies included.

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Harvey - Answered a Question by White (09 Feb 09 07:38)

I suggest you start - belatedly - by educating your child in how the real world operates, ie. that you can't ALWAYS get exactly what you want (not to mention that one of the joys of world travel is to eat different foods in different countries). He's going to have to learn this lesson sometime, best to do it in his formative years, then he's less likely to turn into an (adult) traveller that throws a strop when their food foibles can't be met to the letter.

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