Aldrich - Answered a Question by Phillips (27 Oct 08 19:19)

Book with RCI instead where they do honour price drops......

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Bowker - replied to Aldrich (27 Oct 08 21:13)

More information please, I have booked an RCI cruise for March next year but I have booked it with a cruise agent on the internet similar to the one whose web site we are now on. The price I am paying is already considerably less than what RCI direct were asking for. Are you saying that I should also receive any reductions that RCI announce or are you only entitled to the reduction if you have booked direct with RCI? Does that make sense? Regards .

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Wilba - replied to Bowker (28 Oct 08 08:28)

Your entitled to RCI's Price Promise whoever you book with. However some of the TA's will 'aviod' making you aware of this option. The fact you got a discount is irrellevant, just scream & shout if they don't play ball.

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Philo - replied to Wilba (28 Oct 08 18:08)

I'm in a similar situation to Bowker. The price of my grade cabin on RCI's Jewel for next August has fallen by £58 pp today and cabins of that grade are still available. Should I contact my TA immediately to request the reduction or give them time to contact me? Thank you in advance.

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Rae - replied to Philo (28 Oct 08 19:50)

It is my understanding that you have to do the running in this situation. Your TA will do nothing unless you contact them and insist. You have to watch the prices for a drop, they won't.

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Hall - replied to Rae (01 Nov 08 14:58)

I am so please that I started reading this thread. I am booked with RCI for next year and having read this investigated further. My cruise has dropped in price by £90 pp. I have contacted my travel agent and our price is now being reduced by this amount. Thank you very much , however do feel for those on OV who started the thread.

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may - replied to Hall (01 Nov 08 16:17)

Interested in reading this thread, last year on our P&O cruise we sat next to people who had paid £400 less than us (yes, we had booked early), so decided we would not book early again. I know USA customers always get the price drops, and they can also cancel a cruise and not lose their deposit. (Think we should have the same conditions as the USA cruisers). I have tried to get a price drop before now, but this has been declined. Would be interested to learn which UK agents pursue this price drop on behalf of customers!

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Johnson - replied to may (03 Nov 08 12:02)

Ocean Village is owned by Carnival and in the US it is normal practice to receive a price reduction if the advertised fare drops. I have obtained a reduction from RCI and Voyages of Discovery in the past, but it takes a little persistence to convince the company to make the refund.

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Aldrich - replied to Philo (29 Oct 08 16:37)

Get onto them immediately. It is very rare for agents to keep an eye on the prices for you - I do for my clients, but the high street chains claim to know nothing about this and if you have booked with Mr Cook then they refuse to give refunds despite you pointing out the T&Cs until you are blue in the face. The guidelines are: If the SAME cabin is available, and the costing is not a special for new bookings only, then you should get a refund of £58pp. It isn't much but it is a start. I have clients who have had £500 refunds recently! So keep an eye on that price. Just check the RCI website every day for your cabin category (go through as if you want to make a booking); you can get price drops right up to the day of sailing, and the refund will always be made to your credit card.

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a - replied to Philo (30 Oct 08 15:18)

Well done! That is a drink you owe us!

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